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Looking for the latest internet sms love …? Human beings have always had difficulties to express what they feel for another person, present times allowed the appearance of the Internet and the cell phone and, with them, the chance of sending an e – mail or SMS that might help us expressing what we felt without blushing, without stuttering and without forgetting what we practiced.
Sometimes words are not sufficiently forceful to manage expressing our deepest feelings; let’s face it, some of us are extremely nervous to be clear and have our ideas in order, but a message, an e – mail or an SMS to that special person, helps us to gaining affection and to demonstrate care.
In the following lines, some love messages, for which the wished result is guaranteed, as long as you are honest and pertinent in the occasion :

Free samples of the best Romantic messages for that special person  :

:: There is nothing to which I could compare your love with, you have become my whole  life. I know I am constantly wrong, but if I am sure about something is that with you, this  world is paradise. Today I tell you that there is no one more important than you to me.
Category : Love messages for that special person
 :: I try to think about love words to tell you and every night I send a love wish to be with  you, because I do not know what yo have done with my life, but what I do know is that I  want more every day. You should know that whenever I think of you, I cannot get anymore  sleep, not sleeping scares me, but I comfort myself knowing that your love is as much as  mine; because i do not need from anyone else, I know I am in love with you.
Category : Love messages for that special person
 :: I needed a moment to notice you, an hour to like you, I took me a day to care about you  like I have never cared for anyone else, and I have been mi whole life loving you without  wanting to forget you. I think it is true that when love knocks your door, it changes  inexplicable things, which are why I need no reasons to believe that our relationship is like  the best wine: it just keeps getting better.
Category : Love messages for that special person
:: Love is completely inexplicable, extremely easy to feel and consummately impossible to  forget. This is why I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when you are with me.  You have changed my dictionary; I thought that happiness was a 9 letter word, now I see  that it has only three: YOU.
Category : Love messages for that special person
 :: Love had no significance to me until I met you. Love had no face until I saw you. Love is  a synonym for your name. Love, synthesizing it, IS YOU.
Summing it up, the message implies that there is the chance of taking a phrase, a poem or a some part of a song and turn it ours to tell the loved person how much we love him or her and how much he or she means in our life, without been scared of been wrong.
Category : Love messages for that special person

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Send your love phrases for that special person , and willbe published, other friends , will thank you.

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