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Job searching or searching for a job

In order to be able to get a job, it is necessary to go through and exhaustive search of the ads spread in newspapers, radio and television and through the Internet.

Nowadays, many companies launch their job offers through the Internet, requesting people to send their CV’s through e – mails. This is how many people access these job offers without having to leave the comfort of their own house and without affecting their pockets. On the Internet, there are job markets that allow appliers to register entering their contact, academic and laboral information, data that will be compared with many job offers with the web search tools, until there is an ideal job position for the future worker.

When there was no Internet and somebody tried to get a job, he or she had to recur to two data sources, one of them was an indirect one, which included written, radial and television press, which informed people about advertisements or job positions that needed to be fulfilled; and the other was a direct source, which consisted in presenting yourself personally before the companies in order to be able to get an interview with the manager or the human resources staff, leaving an application with your curriculum, as well as your contact information. Then, you had to have a lot of patience waiting to be called for a personal evaluation with the purpose of getting the job you applied for.

On the other hand, companies that required staff gathered their appliers through announcements made through the newspapers that had the greatest circulation or, in the same way, through a list of people referred by the employees they had, with the purpose of finding the candidate with the best profile to occupy the charge.

Nowadays, people who are looking for a job find themselves before open chances, because there is a wide variety of job markets created on the Internet, in which we are able of finding job offers from private institutions or even from the State, from public or private companies, from consultants, etc.

Job markets on the Internet allow people to be able to register their data and upload their curriculums, so then they are evaluated according to the profiles of the different job positions that are been offered. This is how job markets help selecting, first, a group of applicants who will be called for the staff selection process.

The usage of the Internet in the worker selection stages has considerably decreased the costs for companies that required staff and it has managed to diverse the job appliers’ universe, because today anyone who has access to the web will be able to apply to any job anywhere in the world.

Currently, human resources consulting companies, also known as Head Hunters, have seen themselves forced to get involves in this new, but successful business mechanism, launching their own online job markets, where they no longer offer just job positions and manage to contact applicants, but they also provide assistance to many skilled professionals who have shined in the selection stages. Inclusively, many informative media have been successfully involved with the novelty recruitment and worker selection system.

In Latin America, there are government organism that have developed their own job markets, such is the case of the Peruvian Work Ministry, from its link it connects many Peruvian job markets such as Addeco or Computrabajo.

Even in famous social networks such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter among others, people are able to appreciate job offers, spread by employers from many companies. This means that, in order to be able to get a job, it is very important to know the right people at the right moment.

This whole modern system has became the most used way when looking for a job, because each time the demand for jobs exceeds the offer. Besides, while companies want to choose the right person to occupy a position, people are looking for job offers that go according to their work expectancies.

Now, the first thing that people who are looking for a job must do is to record their personal, academic and laboral data in the many job markets available online. After been subscribed, they will have to look for job offers that suit their laboral profile. They must always take into consideration that the information included in the job markets must be very appealing, meaning that it must be true and verifiable.

Summing it up, nowadays, looking for a job has become a fast and economic task. It is not necessary to visit companies in order to leave them our curriculum vita, it is only necessary for us to send it via e – mail to the address specified in the job markets online.

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