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Do you think the man you love has changed? Most women feel when our boyfriend is not the same with us. Every couple when getting to know, they pass very well together, but as time passes there are some difficulties and feel that we are missing the man who gave everything for us.

In this article you will find thoughts directed to your boyfriend for him to appreciate you again just as it was at first. You can post it on Facebook and Twitter so you can also send it via Whatsapp cell.

Free list of nice love messages:

– “I want you to be completely honest with me, and if you do not feel the same for me, it is better to end our relationship. I am tired of you treating me just as a friend. “
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– “When we start, you were really loving with me, but now, you do not pay any attention, so I think you do not love me, and if so it is better to finish, otherwise you have to go back to being the same as before. “
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– “At first you liked to spend all the time with me now when I mention to go somewhere you say no, I feel that our love is fading, you are not the one I knew, it would better if you tell me what happens in order to avoid any more problems. “
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– “I do not know how much I love you, but you are not that into everything for me, unlike all have realized that you are no longer interested, I do not know what happened to you, but I prefer to put an end to our relationship. “
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– “I thought I would be always happy by your side, however it is not true, because now you treat me like I do not want and even my presence makes you annoy, I give you all of me every day and you do not appreciate it. “
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– “Now I do not even called to ask how are you, before you were doing at every moment and you treated me like I was your princess, but that time was gone, I really want you to tell me how you feel about me. “
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– “I do not want to have a relationship with you anymore, it is always the same. In every difficult moment I have you can’t be there with me, supporting me, but I never consider good, better end. “
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– “I prefer that from the moment the two of us go on our separate ways, I feel as I do not appreciate yourself and to not pay attention to me, you are not the same as every day when I fell in love with your details. “
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– “I always wanted the two of us to be happy together, but you do not realize all the love I feel for you, and apparently you give your budge and never felt the same for me, is very sad but I would rather finish this relationship is hurting me. “
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We hope you do not miss one of these messages and send them to your boyfriend for him to realize what you are doing and think truly if he will or not value you any longer and above all he will value what you feel for him.

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