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Usually, guys are who declare, right? But there are moments which girls get tired of waiting that the other make the first step and decide to make a move. Maybe you can think that it’s not well viewed that a girl make the first step because it seems like she is desperate but in these days that we live is ok if you make a move.
If the guy that you like is shy and you see that he could delay to declare his feelings to you more than you want, then you can make the first step and show your determination. Some guys see this like a great characteristic of confidence and independence. Others guys feel intimidated. But don’t worry because there are many ways to declare a guy without making him go away.
The first option is sending a letter. If you don’t find the right words, if you don’t know how to begin and you feel nervous, a letter is the best way to explain all your feelings and arrange your words to make him understand.
In this letter you can mention that if he doesn’t feel the same for you, you will understand but you want to keep him close because you appreciate his friendship.
If you are more direct, you can simply send him a note and tell him “I like you much and I want to know if this feeling is reciprocal”, “I like you much and I want to know if you feel the same for me, if I have a chance with you”. With this you show your feelings in a direct way.
Another option is the most feared. You can tell him what you feel personally. For this is recommendable that you be with him in a relaxed place, alone or away from people. Arrange an encounter and when you see that is the right moment you can start saying: “there is something that I wanted to tell you for a some time. I like you much, I feel very good when I’m with you and I’m happy when we are together. I like you much (I like you more than the usual, you are very special for me, I’m in love with you) and I want to know if you feel something similar for me, if we can try something together”.
If he takes it like a joke, don’t laugh, look him seriously and confirm him that you say is not a joke, is the truth. If he gives you a positive answer, kiss him of let him to do it. Maybe he could be muted and don’t know what to say. Maybe he can feel pressed about this proposition. In this situation you can ask him again if he feels the same or he needs time to think about it. You can give him time to give you an answer.
We hope that these advices have helped you and before of make any move, make sure that he have given you any sign that indicates that he could fell something for you to don’t get hurt and have at least a chance with him.
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