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How it’s well-known, Quebec is the largest state across Canada and is also one that includes the most opportunities for migrants from around the world, especially Latin and Spanish.
The main, most luxurious and modern cities, among all Canadian ones, is in Quebec and it is named Montreal. In this city meet key sectors of the Canadian economy, leading to consider Montreal as one of the largest financial centers in America.
If you are Spanish and you are looking for new opportunities in another country like Canada, you are in the right place.
Here we show the main job offers that Quebec has for you, also which jobs are required and which cities are offered, also know what is the average payment and what requirements you must meet to apply for one of the job offers this Canadian state offers.
Undoubtedly, Montreal is the most modern city and has the country’s most developed industry. It has the highest percentage of the population, so it is the preferred destination for all immigrants and which owns the largest amount of deals. Next in importance is the city of Sherbrooke.
Labour demand
In Quebec we find that the pharmaceutical industry has the largest share of job offers, so much so that according to estimates, 29% of the inhabitants of this city work in the pharmaceutical field. Despite this demand is unmet and so this is the primary job option. As for the type of professionals required in this field we can find a demand for industrial laboratory workers, pharmaceutical chemists and biologists, which are the most requested.
Then we can find the field of textiles. In this area the engineers, both local and foreign, are in high demand, we can find many offers for mechanical engineers, experts in quality control and maintenance engineers, heating and air conditioning.
Packaged foods are one of the growing industries of Quebec available. These industries require industrial engineering, agronomy engineers, mechanical engineers, experts in quality control and varied technical staff (operators, mechanics, etc.)
An innovative industry of extensive growth and high innovation in Quebec is the telecommunications and electronics. The defendants professionals within this area are the systems and software engineers, telecommunications engineers, Engineers of other areas and other professional networks as software programmers, network technicians and structured wiring, etc. If you have proven experience in any of these or similar job positions, you get a greater choice of work place.
Average Salary
In Quebec the work was paid for working hours. For professionals such as engineers, the hourly rate may be close to 35 Euros and can be higher if you have experience in internationally renowned companies. For technical staff, such as loess quality control experts and maintenance engineers, the hourly rate is between 25 and 30 Euros. Notably, as many job offers are for technicians.
As a foreigner to work in Quebec must have a work visa issued by the relevant Canadian immigration authorities. In order to apply for a visa you must have certified studies and culminating in your profession and fluent in both spoken and written French, because French is the official language of this state.
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