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On the day of love many people post on their Facebook wall and write some beautiful romantic thought through messages for the person they love.
If in this February 14th you want to surprise your loved one, to achieve that your girlfriend feels plenty and have a lot of happiness to have you by his side. Then we present a list of cute messages on Facebook by the day of love.
Choose the one you like most and post it on your wall or on the wall of your partner so you can feel how much you love him / her.
Free list of Valentine’s Day messages for Facebook:
:: “In your beautiful eyes I get lost and I feel that anyone else exists, I am not exaggerating, these are the beautiful feelings awakened in my heart. I love you with all my strength and by your side I can only find true happiness. Have a cute February 14th”.
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:: “When you smile transmit joy to my heart, because when you are happy I am too. You are the most valuable of my life. I love you just as you are. Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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:: “When I have you in my arms I feel like I need air, if not I have you beside me I can’t be happy. You are the best that I have; you are the owner of my love and the queen of my heart. Congratulations on this day of love”.
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:: “I love every inch of your skin, you are perfect because I know we are meant for each other. This day of love will be the best ever because we can enjoy this beautiful feeling that unites us. I love you with all my strength”.
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:: “I will never find anyone like you, I get to your heart through the phrases that came out of my mouth but it was with facts that showed you how great is my love for you. I will always be there for you and will do everything I have to do to defend our love. Happy day my life”.
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:: “I lived in a world full of darkness but gradually filled with the light of your presence, now all my days are beautiful and bright from the sun of our love, is like a wonderful dream come true. I love you much and I hope you today to celebrate Valentine’s Day”.
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:: “My heart is beating very strong when I think of you because I remember only your eyes and your soft sweet voice I feel I am very lucky to be part of your world. I would like to have you with me the rest of my life. Hopefully this day unforgettable love for us”.
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:: “I never get tired of telling you how beautiful you are, you have managed to win over as my heart from the first day I saw you. You are the person I love most in this world and so I say “Happy day of love”, live with you the best times of my life”.
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:: “I just simply need your love to be happy as I always wanted; I do not ever separate me from your side. Congratulations on this February 14th”.
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We hope you liked these cute messages on Facebook for the day of love. To all the couples who are in love, they will also enjoy.
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