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Real friends are more than just friends. We have a lot of friends but just a few of them are real friends.
Among these friends there is someone special who is like a part of us: our best friend.
She is who knows our secrets, who cries with us, who makes anything to see us happy, who without being part of our family, becomes in an important part of it.
If it is your best friend’s birthday and you want to give her a special detail, next we will show you an example of a letter.
We hope that it would be useful and would inspire you to give her a nice detail, something that she could read anytime and she would really like.

Best letters for my best friend in her birthday free download :

Hi sister:
I call you sister because that’s what you are for me. I can’t call in another way to the person who advices me, who is with me whenever is needed, who helps me to forget the sorrow and encourages me to keep going, who doesn’t let me to give up.
Today you fulfill one more year of life and I thank God for that, to allow you live one more year, but especially for let me enjoy our friendship one more year.
I want you to live this new year that you are beginning with much enthusiasm. Don’t give up with the problems or challenges that may appear because you will not be alone, I will be at your side to push you or stop you according with your needs.
Sometimes I wonder how would my life be without you. I know that there are other friends but none like you, who knows every detail of me.
Nobody knows which the right words in the right time are like you do. Thanks for making me laugh, for staying with me when nobody does, for making me feel good, for not being a judge and for supporting me.
I’m sorry if I’m a little sentimental but I think that your birthday is the perfect moment to tell you all what I don’t tell you in a normal day, to thank you for everything, to remember you that you are important for me.
I only wish that you would be happy and I promise that I will always will be by your side to make it happen.
I know that you have a lot of dreams, many objectives and I will help you to accomplish them, because friends exist for that, to help each other always.
I wish you a great birthday, the best of all. Because this year is special , it is one more year that you enlighten our lives with your presence, with your joy and your personality.
Thanks for being as you are, for being my best friend and thanks for taking care of me. I love you and I wish you a great, happy, nice and unbelievable birthday. I will be with you to celebrate it.
You can wish your best friend a happy birthday with a letter which expresses the best of you like this one.

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Beautiful phrases & quotes to greet someone on his birthday

As we grow, we realize the things that are really important and we concentrate more on the future and in the projects ahead.
One of the nicest things that can happen is to have projects in common with someone special, maybe a partner, a friend or a relative.
To ensure that happens, it is important that we give the necessary and sufficient time to cultivate relationships we have with others.
When it comes to friends, remember that what matters is not just partying and wasting time, but also giving advice, to listen when they have something on their minds, showing our support and being unconditional.
A time when we can demonstrate the value of our friendship, is on the birthday of our closest friends, through a cute phrase, full of emotion and beautiful feelings.
If you are interested in receiving some assistance, then you can rest assured, because we have several examples of phrases that can help you express all that you feel and do not know how to put into words.
Take a few minutes to review the options we presented you with and choose the most suitable for you.

Download the best birthday greetings for my friend :

:: “It may be that many people think of birthdays as another day of the year, but for me they are much more than that, especially if it is the special day of one of my closest friends. I am dedicating you these lines so you know how important you are to me, because I have never met someone as good as you, so willing to give your unconditional friendship and advice, although I am not very good following them. I love you and I hope that you have a great one”.
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:: “Since I woke up, I knew that this day would be different and like no other. As I walked down the street I was thinking about what it was that was different, and I could not think of anything that made sense, after all, we are not February 14 nor December 25, but the date kept ringing a bell in my head, but I did not know why. Finally, I found out what it was, it is your birthday! I want you to have a blast and to get all the good things that you deserve. A kiss from here to the moon”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my friend
download birthday messages for my friend, beautiful birthday messages for my friend,birthday phrases download for my friend, download birthday messages for my friend:: “I hope to celebrate in a big way, because I have invested so much time and money in my outfit. I want us to take thousands of photos, make unforgettable memories and, above all, I expect you to be happier than ever, because today you are the protagonist, dear friend. Happy birthday; I wish you the best with all the love in the world, do not forget you can always count on me”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my friend
:: “I remember when grandma used to say that birthdays were part of life, that we should not stress out thinking we are getting older, but that we should treasure the memories this year left us as well as the learnings and lessons. I think together we have learned a lot, but we still have a long way to go. Happy birthday, my friend, I love you dearly”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my friend
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:: “I want to give you my heartfelt greetings in this important day, perhaps the most important of the year: your birthday. Keep in mind how much you mean to me and continue paddling forward, because life does not wait for anyone. Happy birthday, I love you, my friend”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my friend
:: “I love you, friend, and I am not saying it just because it is your birthday, but because it is true and I think it important that you know so at all times. Today I want it to be a day full of surprises, emotions and for you to be able to make beautiful memories. You are super special. Thank you for your friendship and I hope my friendship is also valuable for you. A huge hug. PS: Let me know when you have found your gift; as you might imagine, I have hidden it well”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my friend
We hope that you have enjoyed these phrases. Share them with the birthday boy or girl; you will see how happy your friend will turn when receiving so much love from you. Come back anytime, we will be around bringing much more.
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