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Spanish Romantic Music

Best Spanish singers of romantic music How many interpreters of romantic music exist nowadays? Infinities, some of them we already know and others we should. We are talking about nothing less than singer-songwriters such as Chayanne, Jose Jose, Gianmarco, among many others. Likewise, in Spain romantic music has been spreading little by little until it …

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Examples Of Personal Growth

Good examples of personal growth People learn new things every day. Since the moment we born, there is a need of learning. During the different stages of our life we learn to do new things and that will be useful for the future. Our personal development is related to the environment where we live. It’s …

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Free Intelligence tests

IQ Test Labs free online testing : Intelligence, according to some definitions, is the aptitude that allows us acquiring information from our exterior and from the world around us, with the purpose of emitting an adequate answer to the requirements demanded by our daily lives. This definition was disposed by many experts on the subjects …

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Just been fired,what to do

If you have been fired, here are some tips to be able to survive: If you have to handle the painful situation of been fired, you must certainly have many feelings going over your head: sometimes you must be feeling anger, bitterness, relieve, anxiety, concern and, why not, desperation. Through this note, we will try …

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