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People learn new things every day. Since the moment we born, there is a need of learning. During the different stages of our life we learn to do new things and that will be useful for the future. Our personal development is related to the environment where we live.
It’s proved that people learn better and faster when they are motivated and had a positive experience. The personal growth starts during the childhood but it is consolidated during the adolescence and youth.
Basically, the personal growth is the improvement in people’s conduct. In this article you’ll see some examples of personal growth.
When a person assumes his/her responsibilities about their actions, we are talking about a clear example of personal growth. Some people are responsible since they’re children but others become responsible after youth.
There are cases in which people become responsible when they leave their parent’s house, when they want to achieve their goals or when they become parents! People who become responsible will continue improving many aspects of their personal life.
When people control their natural impulses and behavior in front of others, we’re talking about personal growth.
We will face a lot situations in which we should be tolerant about other people’s opinions. A person who listens to people’s opinions and reacts politely is a person who improved his/her behavior. In other words, it’s someone who is experimenting personal growth.
An example of personal growth is when people learn to love themselves, no matter their strengths and weaknesses. It’s very common to see people worrying about their look and appearance, especially when they’re teenagers.
People will growth at personal level when they accept themselves the way they are and when they consider themselves important and special. It doesn’t mean you have to forget about your appearance, it means you must understand that your look is just a part of you and there are more valuable things inside you.
Personal growth is also when people have confidence about the things they can do. There will be moments in which we’ll have some doubts about what to do in our lives. An example of personal growth is when someone is sure about the decision he/she takes for the future.
Another example of personal growth is when people are sure to achieve their goals in life no matter the obstacles that show up in the way.

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