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IQ-testIntelligence, according to some definitions, is the aptitude that allows us acquiring information from our exterior and from the world around us, with the purpose of emitting an adequate answer to the requirements demanded by our daily lives. This definition was disposed by many experts on the subjects and, according to them, intelligence depends in the genetic resource and in the experiences people have gone through during their lives.

According to other psychology studies, intelligence is defined as the capacity of acquiring knowledge or understanding new situations; when scientific tests are taken about this particular subject, measurements can be taken in quantitative terms and they depend on the success people have in overcoming certain situations. Other theories consider that the intelligence is about knowing how to solve problems in the most satisfying way possible, this depends on the strategy used; it also characterized as the amount of knowledge and the speed used in front of a difficult problem. Besides, for the maturity of the individual, his or her creativity and his or her facility of predisposition before learning.

Some novelty theories consider intelligence as the adaptation capacity possessed by individuals in front of new situations, their versatility and their creativity towards creating new strategies to solve a problem in that way, which highlights the fact of been original and creative.

The intelligence tests are specifically designed to measure the aptitudes, knowledge and capacities of the tested subject. They are composed of a group of questions and very common exercises for any individual, called items and whose function is quantitatively determine the knowledge and skills of the tested subject. These tests have been done in a way in which a specific subject is compared with another group of subjects who have undergone the same test. Usually, the items that are written down in the paper are in difficulty order and, as the questions go on, they get more and more complicated for the subject.

The first intelligence tests ever token, were made according to the intelligence quotient concept, and according to the criteria of Binet y Simon in 1905, and its purpose was to identify those children who needed special education.

Nowadays, theses tests are still been taken, but with some slight modifications. The intelligence quotient is a relationship between the chronological and mental age of the subject. This mental age is based in the theoretical supposition that the Binet hypothesis, according to which each person has a specific mental level according to his or her chronological age. According to these, the mental age has been numerically expressed and the intelligence tests are obtained; the obtained score is divided between the real age and multiplied by a hundred, and the obtained result is the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Worldwide, some tables that relate the IQ with certain intellectual or mind states have been accepted, and they can be verified through the IQ score. Although many intellectuals and Scientifics have criticized this test saying that it only scores the academic performance and not the real intelligence of the person.

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