Last modified 10/09/2023

Strategies to successfully do your curriculum vitae:resume-writing-tipsWhen you are in the process of searching a new job, your curriculum vitae is your first contact with the selector of the company you are applying for. In it you have to state your aptitudes, knowledge, interests, who you are in general, additionally highlight your professional achievements, but do not forget to quantify them. Your curriculum vitae must stand out, it is your presentation letter, and the one which will make you be different from the others.
The main purpose of good curriculum vitae is to get the precious job interview, for that, you need to make this curriculum to attract attention and to generate wished to meet you from the interviewer or selector.
There is a wide variety of models and formats that you will be able to use when you need to elaborate your curriculum vitae; these vary according to each case, now we will give you some tips to elaborate good curriculum vitae:
Include basic information such as (there are exceptions according to each case):
Personal data: full name, address or residence place, phone number and cell phone number if you had one, e – mail address, marital status and your born date.


Also include your professional goals and profile, which is also known as career summary: the candidate’s specialization must be stated, the sector in which he or she is developing (financial, technology, massive consumption, etc.), the type of company he or she is looking for and the position he or she would like to occupy. Also state the area of interest (Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, etc.)
Educations: the important thing will be to focus the information you put according to the profile, keep yourself from putting unnecessary information which may distract the one who is reading the curriculum vitae. Include: your specializations, places in which you have studies, dates, trainings and where you have done them.
Working experience:
Talk about the professional achievements you might have (quantify them), places in which you have worked and when. Also state the charges or position you occupied, besides from the tasks you used to develop there.
Informatics knowledge and languages: state the software programs you command also include here the programs which are related to the profession or occupation that you know how to use. In languages, state which languages you know and in which level you are at each one of them: basic, intermediate, advanced.
Also include all the publications: books, articles in newspapers, magazines, and in the internet that you have published.
Experience in teaching: where and for how long, also the courses you taught. Communitarian activities, comment about them, improvement courses of the profession or any other important information which might be of the lectors interest and you can include.
The length of your curriculum must have two pages tops, go ahead and make it larger if it does not result been tedious to read it. Elaborate an organized curriculum, but, at the same time, try to synthesize it. Effect an orthographic revision and avoid putting lies.
You can also include a photograph, scanned and with good definition, but only if you are asked to. The salary that you want to earn must be included in your presentation letter, but not in your curriculum vitae, good luck in your job search.

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