Last modified 11/02/2023

Free AVG antivirus download

It is a term used to relate a series of antivirus and security software through the Internet, selling operative systems such as Microsoft, Linux and FreeBSD.

The AVG Technologies Company took this term which came from their first product, Anti – Virus Guard; this company is from Czech Republic, formed in January of 1991 by Tomas Hofer and Gritzbach.

At the beginnings of September of 2005, it was bought by Intel Corporation, next year (April 19th) the Ewido net united to the group and, months later, Microsoft Corporation announced that several AVG products were going to be available in Windows Vista’s security center.

Since June 7th of that year, the AVG program was additionally used to be an extra security option for GFI mails, the next year the company decided to acquire the Exploit Prevention Labs, which was the developer of LinkScanner for a secure navigation about technology.

In February of 2008, another organization called Grisoft, informed about its name change to become AVG Technologies, this change had as an objective to increase the demand by been a great marketing strategy.

The AVG enterprise distributes a great amount of products of the AVG series, which are compatible with superior operative systems since Windows 2000; they also provided support for Linux and FreeBSD.

Their products begin to be more detailed, including the traditional antivirus with some systems for firewall detection to their commercial editions. Version 8.0 of its antivirus software counts with an Antispyware, Anti – Rootkit, Web Shield, LinkScanner, an integrated firewall and a tool bar that is compatible with navigators such as Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Its main products are AVG Internet Security 8.0 (is not free), a full software that is composed by an Anti Spyware, Anti Virus, Anti Rootkit, Anti Spam, Link Scanner, Web Shield, Firewall, Security Toolbar and System Tools Protection Technologies; this software can be obtained for free on its trial version for up to 30 days, during this period you will count with all its tools and updates, because it is not a DEMO version.

Their other software is the AVG Anti Virus Free Edition 8.0, which contains an Antispyware and an AVG Search Shield application; this one is very popular because it is free and does not weight much when scanning the PC.

Its main characteristics are the frequent scans and updating, filters when sending and downloading e – mails, which counts with some links of the web sites that point at that, an advanced heuristic when solving problems, the possibility of correcting some files that have been damaged by a viral infection, it counts with a quarantine option, in which those viruses that have not been able of been disinfected are stored, with the possibility of eliminating them with the file included; it can work in a second scale, without compromising the computer’s performance; plus, it is free and very complete.

He usage of this antivirus is strongly recommended, it counts it already scheduled tasks to scan and update once you begin you session; the updates can be executed every hour.

When scanning and updating, you can keep using your computer normally, because the antivirus does everything automatically, as well as the Spam filtration, which is present in several web sites and in e – mails. Besides from been free antivirus software and having a very efficient scanning quality. To download it, you only have to visit its own web site.

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