Last modified 10/09/2023

Desktop computers vs. Laptops information  :

laptop-desktopA while ago, laptop computers and desktop computer differentiate from each other in a great measure for their power, capacity, speed and performance; but, nowadays, this has changed, due to the fact that technology advances and, in the same way, the price of them is decreasing. However, even though it has made quite an advance for these days, there are some differences between them that will not change and will remain as a constant.

In desktop computers, some prefer them because they count with many characteristics that make them superior to laptops. One of these characteristics is that the graphic level that can be found in laptops is not as high as the one found in desktop computers; this is due to the fact that the video card, as well as the plate for laptop computers, come reduced from the factories, so they can fit in a reduced space. On the other hand, in desktop computer, this is not a problem, because, in their case, the important thing is not to reduce the space, but to increase the quality and the capacity. The same happens with the audio and video capacity in the laptops, what will always limit them will be their size.

Regarding the components of both equipments, this represents a huge problem in laptops; because, when replacing one of its components we are always going to have problems with doing it, besides the fact that it is going to be incredibly expensive, unless we count with some sort of warranty. On the other hand, expanding some of the components of our computer, such as: the RAM memory or the hard drive, is always going to be more complicated, for this last component the task of increasing the memory capacity is very tough, but not impossible; on the other hand, on desktop computers it is not necessary to take them to a specialist to be able to increase its capacities, because we can do it for ourselves without having to spend a penny.

On the other side, laptop computers have a great advantage that involves their versatility. We can carry them to everywhere to use them, but this carries some inconvenient along, because we have to plug it to have all of its capacities working; if we do not find an energy supply, we depend a lot on the life and the capacity of our batteries. This is due to the fact that, as time goes by, the useful life of our battery keeps shortening, and its duration is shorter every time.

To finish, it is important to say that everything depends on the user and his or her taste, these are a few elements that must be taken into consideration when choosing; anyway, having a computer will help us solving many tasks much faster that we used to, without letting aside that we have to be extremely careful when choosing a model, because nowadays there is a wide range of them (laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tabletPC, etc.).

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