Last modified 10/09/2023

If you have been fired, here are some tips to be able to survive:

been-firedIf you have to handle the painful situation of been fired, you must certainly have many feelings going over your head: sometimes you must be feeling anger, bitterness, relieve, anxiety, concern and, why not, desperation.

Through this note, we will try to help you putting your head together, to be able to come out of it strongly and decided to find a new job.

The day you have been fired :

Expected or not, been dismissed is, without a doubt, the cause of anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, there is no formula to deal with this situation, which is lived in a very personal way by the person who has to go through it.

We agree that the sensation that is going through most people is a devaluation feeling: you feel that you are not appreciated as you used to, you have the idea of been considered useless (or less useful than other) and that, because of that, your services have been dispensed.

The first reaction in front of a lay off :

When it is your time to go through a dismiss situation, it is always advisable to do the following thing: try to accept the situation as soon as possible, despite of been really tough for you.

Avoid discussions and awkward situations which will not give you your job back. There are people that think: “what the hell, I have nothing to lose.”. and say things they will later regret. You will always have time to speak your mind: but, before, process your ideas, thought it over and not act based on your first impulses.

Think that it is very ought to happen that future employers will ask for references in your last job, and you will like them to talk good about your, or that, at least, they will not be detrimental towards your. Besides, your will probably have to go through a compensation process negotiation, and it will be much profitable to reach an agreement in good terms than in a tension situation.

Besides, it is possible that if the relationship ends up in good terms, you might even have some opportunities to emerge from the same place you are leaving today.

Useful tips you have been fired:

I will give you some advices that will allow you to deal with the dismiss situation in the less traumatic possible way:

– Do not take it as a personal issue: in most cases, the problem is not you, but that you are been separated from your function inside the company. If you manage to understand this difference, you will be able to act much more objectively.
– Do not try to get back at them: you will not get your job back, and it can even mean that you will lose the little that you could win.
– Elaborate the fight: do not try to cheer up yourself falsely. Sometimes, it is necessary to elaborate the situation of dismissal to be able to face a job search with genuine energy. If you have a margin to take a few days before starting the search, do it.
– Do not think just in what you lost, but think also in what you will win: when a candidate goes to an interview sad because of everything he or she might have lost, rarely gets the job. The selector will probably notice the melancholic attitude and will rather hire someone who makes him to look forward. Even if it turns out to be tough, see it in that way…
– Look forward: do not forget that a job in only a slob in your working career. Been fired does not mean that your career is over.


When you have to deal with a dismiss situation, do not forget these advices. Think that when time goes by and you get a new job, this situation will end up been just a bad memory. While you do that, it will help you thinking that you have to learn from all these situations that present in life, whether they are good or bad.

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