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In recent years this country has become one of the most desired destinations for professionals worldwide. According to official statistics provided by the Australian immigration office in the recent two years, nearly 350 000 professionals have immigrated to Australia to work in their profession scopes. Most of these are from Europe.
Achieving practice in Australia is a wonderful experience, both in the professional and the personal. It is also a very good and safe source of income as long as your career is among the most needed in this country. In this article, we will give you some information about those professions.
Architecture and Design
Both professionals and technicians who have completed their studies and have obtained certification in the field of design and architecture are highly required in Australia. To get a job in the professional scope, it’s required a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience in the same field. The most Australian cities require the services of architects and experts in interior design.
Environmental Engineering
The respect of environment is a constant factor in well developed countries, and Australia is not the exception. The most industries of the country are concerned about the impact their activities may have on the environment. For this reason both, the private and the public industries, require environmental engineers.
Agricultural Engineering
The agricultural sector provides a lot of job opportunities for professionals in this field. The 3% of GDP in Australia consists in the agricultural production. The key of this success is having the best and most experienced agronomists.
Systems and Software Engineering
The entire Australian industries with automatic industrial processes also manage several information and are interconnected, therefore, the industries requires systems engineers, software engineers, network engineers and technical staff trained and experienced in networking, maintenance and solving any kind of problem.
Advertising and Marketing
This sector has been the key to success of the most prestigious companies in Australia and is widely used by those companies which its grow is significant. That’s why the big cities, which hold the most commercial activities, require expertise in marketing and advertising.
Australia’s tourism industry has shown a steady growth over the past 10 years rising to become one of the most productive sectors of the country. The growth of this field does not stop and therefore companies are increasingly requiring more tourism professionals. It is important to know that the professionals most demanded in the tourism sector are the managers of hotels, tour guides and translators.
Mining and Metallurgical chain is a very productive sector in Australia. For this reason, Chemical Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Mining Engineers and generally all professionals involved with the extraction of mineral processing, oil and others are high demand in Australia. It’s important to note that this field occupies 5% of the country’s GDP.
The agricultural and the pharmaceutical sector require much of professionals of these areas. For that reason, the biotechnologists are requested to design and control production lines, maintenance and modification of various natural products.
Agricultural and drug manufacturing companies need these professionals the most.
Thus we conclude with this list of most wanted professionals in Australia. For more information about these or other professions can enter the website
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