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When going to sleep you can share beautiful good night love messages and let him know that you are thinking about him.

Today we have brought you the best good night love phrases to send to your partner before bed and thus he would feel very happy and have a wonderful dream.

Best good night text messages
to my Queen

:: “Good night, love, may you rest and may all the bad things and stress of the day be behind you. I love you with all of my heart”.

:: “Can you believe that tomorrow is our anniversary? I cannot contain my excitement to see you, rest my love, see you tomorrow!”.

:: “I am so happy to go to sleep knowing that we are together and that we love each other madly. Good night, my love, you are everything”.

:: “Dream with the fulfillment of your goals, with your objectives and you will see that by visualizing them, they will come true. I love you, have a good night’s rest”.

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Romantic good night messages
for the one you love

:: “Before closing my eyes I want to say goodbye to you, wishing you have a nice night and a beautiful rest, you are my world, I adore you!”

:: “Love of my life, before you fall asleep I want to tell you that you are the most beautiful thing that the universe could give me, I will never stop loving you. Rest well!”

:: “When you go to sleep I will enter through your window and appear in your dreams to take care of you. Good evening my beautiful prince! ”

:: “I would love to whisper in your ear before sleeping, but the distance does not allow it, hopefully soon I will be by your side. Rest well my princess! ”

:: “The light that illuminates my nights is you, I am no longer afraid of the dark because I have an angel by my side, a thousand thanks for being my love. Sweet Dreams, darling!”

Short romantic messages
for Girlfriend

:: “My favorite star of the night is you, your brightness is reflected in any place you are, God bless you always my life. Good night!”

:: “I miss your company every time I go to sleep, that’s when I think about you the most, come back soon my love. I miss you so much. Good night.”

:: “Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about you so much, this loneliness is killing me, I need me a lot, today is another night without you. Sweet Dreams honey!”

:: “In the depths of this night I will veil your dreams from my bedroom, my little princess, sleep very well, I will always be watching over you. I love you infinitely!”

:: “As every night, it is time to sleep, therefore, I wish you a sweet rest so you can recharge your energies and tomorrow would be a great day.”Find best romantic good night greetings & pictures

Sweet good night messages
for Whatsapp

:: “I go to bed with the wish that it will dawn soon to see you again my beloved, I do not want to be away from you for long time. Goodnight sweetheart!”

:: “I love you very much my angel, I want to remind you once again that you are the most important thing in my life, I adore you. Rest well, my heart. ”

:: “It is wonderful to be able to go to bed with the certainty that tomorrow I will see you again, you don’t know how happy I am. I love you, sweet dreams! ”

:: “My source of life is the hope of being able to see you every day, you make me the happiest person in the world. You’re everything I need. Goodnight sweetheart!”

:: “I hope that when you close your pretty eyes I will appear in your dreams and you can have me in your mind and heart. Have a good night, love! ”Cute & romantic good night texts to send by Whatsapp

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to send by Whatsapp

:: “Imagine that I am with you when you are asleep, I will do the same my life, together forever. Sweet dreams!”

:: “At dusk the nostalgia of not being able to watch over your dreams overwhelms me, I am just glad to know that soon we will be together. I need you my love. Rest well!”

:: “Little angel of my life I hope you can rest like a queen, in this long night I will dream of you because you are my illusion. Good night, precious!”

:: “Sweet dreams, my beloved, I have you present in each of my prayers so that God will take good care of you, I love you infinitely.”Download best good night love messages with pictures for girlfriend

Find cute good night
Whatsapp love messages

:: “My love, have a good night, God illuminate your dreams, remember that I love you with all my heart, tomorrow will be an extraordinary day.”

:: “I send you a huge good night kiss, even if I am not accompanying you in person, I will watch over your dreams. I love you darling.”

:: “May you sleep well, my little princess, from here I will be taking care of your dreams in my thoughts, you are everything I need to be happy.”

:: “Before sleeping, my last thought is you, I love you very much honey and may God protect you and bless you, sweet dreams!”

:: “Good evening my dear, I will always be with you, even in spirit, I send you thousands of kisses and hugs, my precious little heart.”

Cute good night my love
messages for mobile

:: “I love you very much my life, I hope that my affection and love give you the serenity so that you can rest peacefully, Sweet dreams my angel.”

:: “The time has come to rest, tomorrow will be a day of new challenges, take care of yourself and have a wonderful night. Sweet dreams and good night my love! ”

:: “My beautiful princess, I am going to sleep thinking of you to have you in my dreams, May the little angels of the sky illuminate your rest, Good evening my heart!”

:: “Before falling asleep I write to you to say good night, I will rest thinking about you, I adore you, God take care of you tonight darling.”

Messenger good night
love phrases

:: “My beautiful prince, Good night and sweet dreams! I will go to bed thinking of you and hoping that we will be together again soon, I love you my king.”

:: “My life, despite being away from you, I always have you in my mind and heart, I hope you had a great day, I adore you. Sweet Dreams honey!”

:: “This arduous day has finally ended for both of us, I am going to sleep sweetie, I know that I will have a nice rest because you are in my mind, Good night!”

:: “Thank you my love for sharing your days with me, I love spending time with you, you are an incredible person, I love you very much, rest darling!”
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Download best good night
love messages and images

:: “It is an enormous blessing to find someone like you, my problems and concerns disappear every time I hear or see you. Sweet Dreams honey!”

:: “Spend a beautiful night love of my life, I will send you my guardian angel to protect you while you sleep, I adore you infinitely.”

:: “You are my love, I am filled with joy to know that every day we are together in good and bad times, I adore you princess, good night!”

:: “I thank God for allowing me once again to be with you, rest my love, you have had a very exhausting day, I send you many good night kisses.”

Love pretty good night phrases
to share by Messenger

:: “Receive this giant hug so that you rest happily, and May the Child Jesus protects your dream, Good evening my beloved princess!”

:: “I wish you a beautiful night, sweetheart, let’s not forget to thank God for taking care of us at all times. I love you a lot!”

:: “May you sleep like a princess, I will be watching over you and will always be available for what you need. Rest well sweetie.”

:: “May you have a splendid rest, my life, and may all the little angels in heaven come down and take care of your dream, I adore you. Good night!”

We hope that these wonderful good night love texts help you steal a sigh from the owner of your heart. You can include some more personalized details to these lovely good night thoughts and send them to your better half.Romantic & charming good night text messages for girlfriend

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