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Best greetings for my ex’s birthday

Couples do not always work out well together, but that does not mean that one is a bad person, they can easily be two good people, but simply not work together. If we are able to end a relationship on good terms, then the memory that we keep of it will be much nicer.
A good way to show that we were able to overcome the situation and that the friendship that we now have with our former partner is sincere, is remembering his birthday and sending him a greeting in which we wish him a good day.
No need to hold grudges, because that only hurts us and does not let us live in peace. Dare to discover the examples of greetings that have brought on this occasion. We are sure that some will be just what you were looking for, but still it would be nice for you to give them your personal touch before sending them.

Download best happy birthday wishes for your ex boyfriend :

:: “Although we are no longer together as a couple, I still love you and I feel great respect for you, and so I wanted you to know I wish you all the happiness in the world on this day of your birthday. Have a great one, XO”.
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:: “Funny how time changes everything, and everything that we lived together, today I am writing to let you know you still have a special place in my heart, a place reserved for the beautiful people who ever pulled a sincere smile out of me. Happy birthday and many joys”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “By your side I found more than I ever imagined and that is why I will always love you. I like that we are friends now, because even if we did not function well as a couple, I think anyway we have a relationship worth fighting for and what better than a friendship for it. Happy birthday, may all you crave comes true”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “I always remember how we used to laugh, it is the most beautiful memory I kept from what we had. Happy birthday, my present to you is that and all the smiles that we once shared”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “I find it strange how everything happened condenses on the amical relationship we have today, the truth is that I am happy, because I know that not everyone has the ability to overcome a failed love affair and transform it in a sincere friendship. Happy birthday, friend, have a great time”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “Do you remember how we could not see each other even on a picture? I am pleased that are done with that stage, I think time heals everything. It feels good to be friends, I hope for you too and today, on your birthday, I really wish you the best”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “Distancing ourselves from the loving stage did not involved cutting all the relationship between each other and I think that is what allowed us to become friends. I am glad we were mature enough to achieve such good friendship. I thank you for your friendship and I want you to know I will always remember you fondly. Happy birthday, you are a super special person, never change”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “I think it is important to repent when what was done did not leave us any learning, but it was not like that with you, because although we have not worked out as a couple, I am able to rescue many great things from the relationship we shared. Thanks for that and for being my friend, happy birthday”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “It took several months until I heard from you and the truth is I am glad for it. We could not succeed as a couple, but we are doing wonderfully as friends. See you later to celebrate, happy birthday, dear!”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “I am very happy to see you are redoing your life, because it is the best way to move forward. I did the same for some time and now I see that it was very good to split up. Happy birthday, have a great time and celebrate as you have always liked”.
Hopefully you enjoyed the greetings that we brought you on this occasion and that you feel encouraged to share them. Soon, we will be bringing much more free content; count on it!
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend

A letter to my ex-boyfriend on his birthday

Ending a relationship is never easy. It means accepting that things did not go well and that maybe part of it was our fault. Each case is unique and we can never generalize. Some couples end up badly and do not want to see each other ever again. Others, however, realize that they are better off on their own, but that is not a question of fighting or anything like that, they simply get an amical separation, given that they thing it is best for the good of both.
If you are a person who terminated a relationship in civilized terms, then when your ex’s birthday arrives, you will not have a reason not to wish him well in his day.
Anyhow, do not forget that you will be entering delicate ground, so you have to choose you words carefully, so that nothing is left to free interpretation and that the other can see that while there is affection involved, your intentions are limited to wishing him a good day on his birthday, and nothing else. To support you in this task, we thought it could be good for you to review an example of how you can accomplish to do this.
We recommend that you give the phrase you choose your personal touch, so that it will be more personalized. We wish you good luck and remember, maturity is the key so that there are no misunderstandings and that everything goes well.

Download nice birthday greetings letter to your ex

Dear (name of the person who receives the letter),
Today I woke up thinking about you; how could I not given that it is your birthday? It is confusing to realize the passage of time and seeing how it changes everything, especially when this was a time we used to spend together until two years ago. We are not together anymore and we decided it would be better this way; I am glad we made that decision, because we are now better off and we were able to keep things quiet so that we now share a beautiful friendship. I wish you the most beautiful things in life on your birthday, because I think you are a great person and that you deserve the best that life has to offer.
You may imagine that it is not so easy to write, but I did not want that to keep me from doing it, because the love is stronger than everything, and I wanted you to know all the good things that I wish you. Now it is time to leave behind the bad, ugly things that do not allow us to move forward and enjoy the new as we could.
I hope you are having a great time, surrounded by people who love you, and you know they are many. Thank you for your friendship and for the years of adventures and follies that we share. I love you and I will always be here, even when we are no longer together as a couple.
I would like to see you soon, maybe not yet, but in a near future, a moment where we could just laugh without reliving the past, a day when we are just two people enjoying each other’s company, unattached, without remorse or sad memories.
I love you and I always think of you,
(Issuer of the letter)
While our letter example was a short one, we think that it encapsulates fairly well the feelings of the issuer, a proposal of friendship and good wishes. It is difficult to express, especially with a person with whom things did not work very well, but that does not mean we cannot do it with respect and affection. Come back anytime in search of free content, designed to help you express what you have inside. Keep in mind that the weather helps to heal many wounds and to forget the bad things that might happen, but you need to take a first step if you want to resume the relationship in the form of a beautiful friendship. We’ll see you soon with much more free content!

Lovely birthday message for an ex boyfriend

Ending a long lasting relationship doesn’t always have to end badly, in other words, not necessarily a feeling of discomfort or distress arises. There are relationships that end in good terms, so maintaining an amicable relation later is completely normal and can even strengthen the bonds of the old couple from a different perspective. Considering this, it’s fine that you send your ex-boyfriend a congratulation message in special dates like his birthday.
It’s advisable to remind him that your love relationship has been overcome and has stayed in the past like a nice memory for both of you. I you’re in this situation and don’t know exactly what to write, in this article we offer a free list of original phrases to wish a happy birthday to your ex-boyfriend and make him feel how much you appreciate him even now.

Free list of happy birthday phrases for your ex boyfriend:

:: “I remember when we first started our relation and I also remember the day it ended. Now we’re good friends and also enjoy good moments together. Happy birthday”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “In spite we’re not together any more, I have to recognize that being with you was a unique experience. I have no heart feelings and wish you happiness with your new partner. Happy birthday”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “No one could erase the moments we spent together, now that each of us has taken different paths, those memories become nicer. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “Maybe I still make your girlfriend jealous, but I can’t stop saying hi, you were an important part of my life and so I still appreciate you. Have a happy birthday with your girlfriend”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “It’s been said that everything has a reason in this life. It wasn’t in vain getting to know you, you taught me many things. Now you’re a nice memory. Happy birthday, have a great time”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “I remember when we used to celebrate our birthdays together. We used to have such a good time. Now that we’re friends we also have a good time. Happy birthday”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “We both know that when our relationship ends, we didn’t even want to see each other, but time has taught me that resentment is something negative that’s not worth carrying. I just want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you I have a special consideration for you for having spent so much time together. Big kiss, have a blast”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “It’s been a long time since we’ve talked, but I know you’re relaxed with your new partner. I hope everything’s going well, I just wanted to say that I’ll always wish you the best in the world and that you can count with me for anything. A big hug and many greetings for your family. Happy birthday”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
:: “I have to accept that being with you was a nice experience, I learned many things from you and started to see life from another perspective. I thank you very much for the time we spent together, now I wish you a happy and peaceful life with the one you love and a happy family. Happy birthday, see you soon”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings for my ex-boyfriend
Let’s hope these happy birthday phrases for your ex boyfriend are appropriate and you can use them to make him know your good wishes for his birthday and to clear everything between you and that there’s no bitterness between you. Come back soon for more articles.

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