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Would you imagine yourself without a cell phone? It’s hard to imagine, right? We use cell phones every day to talk with our family and friends from college, work, etc and also with the person we love.

You can call your friends and know how they’re doing or you can communicate with them by SMS. Many people prefer to send SMS because they are cheap and direct.

SMS are short and they allow you to communicate your ideas briefly. Would you like to send a SMS to the one you love? In this article, you’ll find a list of love SMS & Messages. Send these texts to your boyfriend or girlfriend; he/she will be happy to know you’re a person who likes to express your feelings.

Free list of love messages:

:: “Your love makes me feel good; I sleep as a baby and have no insomnia since I met you, you’re my love”
Category :love messages

:: “You don’t have to tell me what you want; I can know it just looking to your eyes because there’s a special connection between us”
Category :love messages

:: “You change my entire world in a way I never thought, you turn hate into love; I think is wonderful we’re in love”
Category :love messages

:: “Touch me for some second and I will know if you really exist in this world or you are just a sweet dream”
Category :love messages

:: “I’ll go to your house and I’ll sing you a love song to notice that I falling in love with you”
Category :love messages

:: “It’s amazing spending time with you but kissing you is sublime that I have no words to explain”
Category :love messages

:: “I can’t mention all the reasons about my love for you because I will spend all my life doing it and I will never end”
Category :love messages

:: “Happiness is what I feel when I’m with you, I do love you and I can’t stop doing and saying”
Category :love messages

:: “I think we are made to each other since we born, this love between you and me is our destiny”
Category :love messages

:: “I’ll take you with me everywhere and when I’m start doing something difficult I think about you and it turns into something easy”
Category :love messages

:: “I love you so much and that’s why I’m always looking for new ways to make you happy because I want you to keep falling in love with me”
Category :love messages

:: “You know very well that I can’t hide my feelings for you, and now you should know that I will exchange my life for just some minutes together”
Category :love messages

:: “Working can be exhausting, studying can be demanding but loving you will be always wonderful”
Category :love messages

:: “When I gave you my heart I asked you to take care of it because you’re inside”
Category :love messages

:: “The only thing I want is to see you happy, never mind if it’s with me or not, I’ll love you forever”
Category :love messages

We hope you liked these love SMS & messages. Say “I love you” and express your feelings with short messages.

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