Very Nice Happy Birthday Phrases For Friends

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Of all our friends we always emphasize more with a friend which we appreciate a lot. Usually it’s someone we know for some time or for our whole life, in other cases it may be a few months but it’s such the affinity with that person that it seems that we know them from way back.

If their birthday is coming soon, it would be good if you prepared to send a greeting telling them how much their friendship means to you. Here we offer you a list of original messages with a lot of happiness and much love, read them and choose one for your special friend!

Best free phrases for the birthday of a friend:

– “On the day of your birthday I wish you lots of happiness, that you spend this day in good company with many friends. I wish you the best in life, love, success and good health, you’re my best friend in the world. Happy Birthday.”
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– “I write you from the magical land of happiness to wish you a happy and very special birthday. You are already 25 but remember that you’re as young as you feel, congratulations.”
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– “With all the good vibes I send you my best wishes for your birthday for this new year you’re starting in your life. May all your projects go to perfection and you receive many more blessings. You’re an incredibly good person. Happy Birthday.”
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– “On this special day of course I’m going to be by your side, tell me where you want to go to celebrate because it’s your birthday and you deserve the best celebration. Kisses, hugs and happy birthday my friend.”
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– “To the best friends in the world we sing to them like this on their birthday: Princess of joy today begins the cacophony and we go on a party until the end of your birthday to celebrate until we can no more. Happy birthday and thanks for all the wonderful times we’ve spent. May you have many more!”
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– “The cock has announced the birthday of my coolest, craziest and most unforgettable friend. You’re the best friend in the world and we will celebrate your birthday all night long. Tell me at what time I can pick you for the blast. “
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– “The day of your birthday I’ll give you as a gift a box filled with thousands of kisses and hugs, now you are a year older but I know you feel a year younger. We will celebrate until we can dance no more, so let’s get the party started. You’ll have a happy birthday, you’ll see.”
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– “This day you have permission to put aside the diet and eat as much cake as you want because it’s your birthday! So you know, have an amazing time and do not overdo much because we have to show off at the beach. Congratulations.”
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– “Today I would like to do everything to celebrate your birthday, perhaps a surprise party with many streamers, balloons, karaoke and a huge announcement to celebrate your birthday because you deserve so much more. Happy birthday my friend.”
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We hope you liked these quotes for your friends birthday, choose one and come back for more!

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