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Sweet Happy new year
my love messages

Happy happy new year status for WhatsApp wishes
Do you want find happy Happy new year my love text messages ? .The year is almost over! And what better way to start next year than by giving away some beautiful messages of love to the person who means so much to you.

We’ve created a short list of free phrases so you can brighten up the start of this new decade for the one you love; feel free to use the ones you like the most.

How do you wish someone
a Happy New Year?

:: “It’s time to wrap up the year, and I only know that it’s you I want to be with. I wish you the best in this life, baby. Happy New Year”.

:: “I want to give you a thousand smiles and fulfill all your wishes. Next year will be one more opportunity to make them come true. Happy New Year, sweetie”.

:: “My love, time is almost up. This year has been wonderful so far, so I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. I know I couldn’t live without you. Happy New Year”.

:: “I want to shout out loud how much I love you. What better opportunity to do so than on this special date: New Year’s Eve. I love you more than anything”.

:: “What a wonderful time to be alive but all this wonder would be in vain if you weren’t by my side. I wish you all the very best, I love you”.Find New Year messages wishing you happiness and joy

What should I write in
a Happy New Year card?

:: “There are people who spend their whole lives looking for the ideal person. I am lucky to have found you and to be able to celebrate this beginning of the year together. Happy New Year, I will love you forever”.

:: “I can’t conceive celebrating New Year’s Eve without you. It is a very special moment, and I could only spend it by your side. Happy New Year! I love you”.

:: “Happy New Year! It has been an incredible year with you, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’m sure the next year will be much better with you by my side. You’re the most beautiful girl on the planet”.

:: “It’s a new year, baby! Great things are waiting for us and hundreds of moments full of happiness. As long as I am with you, I will feel complete and fulfilled; you are everything to me”.

:: “I always wanted to be able to spend a New Year’s with a beautiful woman and now I have made it, and with the most beautiful woman in the whole galaxy.  Happy New Year sweety”.

Download best Happy new year
my love messages

:: “New Year’s is a magical moment that could only happen with you, my queen. I want us to achieve everything we set out to do together. I love you from here to the moon”.

:: “Happy New Year, love of my life. I have been waiting a long time for this moment, ever since I saw you for the first time when you stole my heart”.

:: “I thank God for putting you in my path. Thanks to Him I will be able to spend next year with you, my beautiful lady. Happy New Year, my love”.

:: “It won’t be long now! It’s almost New Year’s, baby. I am looking forward to dancing, singing and celebrating with you, you fill me with energy and joy. I wish you the best today and always, I love you”.

:: “We have lived hundreds of moments of happiness and joy, but nothing compares to the wonderful day ahead of us: celebrating together the arrival of a new decade. I love you very much”.new year short status for Facebook and Whatsapp stories

Happy new year my love texts messages
for WhatsApp

:: “There is no better gift for me than to be yours. You are my reason for existing and I wouldn’t know how to be happy without you. I hope you’ll have a blast this New Year’s Eve”.

:: “It is almost time! Soon the year will come to an end and we will start something new together, loving each other more than ever. I have the feeling that this new year will be the beginning of great things for both of us”.

We are very close to the end of a great year, so let’s wrap it up in the best possible way by giving love and happiness to our couple.

You will make her happy this New Year’s Eve and she’ll feel how much you really love her. We remind you that all the love phrases presented here are free; don’t hesitate to use them.

We hope you spend a very happy New Year’s Eve with your partner!Top happy new year text messages for WhatsApp

Happy new year my love
texts messages for Messenger

Christmas Eve is such a special moment that we want to share it with the person we love most in the world to express beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year words.

These beautiful Festivities become more special with the company of that person we love and a nice detail that cannot be missed is romantic Christmas and New Year dedications.

Your boyfriend wants to know your feelings, so he will love to receive as a gift some beautiful romantic messages for End of Year’s Holidays.

Merry Christmas & Happy new year
my love greeting cards

:: “The End of Year’s Holidays make me feel very happy, but now more than ever because with your love the magic is even bigger. I wish you a Merry Christmas a wonderful New Year”.

:: “I will celebrate Christmas with my family, but I will receive the New Year by your side because I want to start it in the best possible way, with a kiss full of love. Happy Holidays!”

:: “Congratulations in this Christmas and May in the New Year we continue to enjoy harmony and peace. I love you and I pray that our love continues to grow!”.

Happy new year wishes
and short New Year messages

:: “Have a nice Christmas with your family and May in the New Year your dreams come true. Congratulations my love!”

:: “Congratulations, my prince! May God fill your life with joy and may we enjoy wonderful experiences both at Christmas and in the New Year”.

:: “May the magic of Christmas Eve be replicated in the 365 days of next year. Thank you so much for your love!”.

:: “We are not only going to celebrate our first Christmas Eve together, it will also be our first New Year and we will have a great time. Happy Holidays, my heaven!”.Download new year wishes for girlfriend

Find best happy new year
wishes & greetings

:: “May our love be the most beautiful gift we receive this Christmas and may the New Year be the beginning of a new stage in our relationship. Happy Holidays, honey!”.

:: “Your love is the star that guides me on the path of happiness and I want it to shine forever. My love, we will celebrate a Merry Christmas and enjoy the best New Year of our lives”.

:: “I have a very special gift for you to wish you a Merry Christmas, but also a promise to make this New Year so wonderful and that I will love you more than ever”.

:: “Christmas is full of many beautiful things, but the one I like the most is that joy that fills your heart. My love, I wish you many congratulations and a New Year full of prosperity!”.

Happy new year greeting cards
for Facebook

:: “In this year we have overcome many obstacles thanks to the strength of our love and I know that the next one will be much better. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, sweetie!”.

:: “Thank you for giving me your love every day and thanks for lighting up my life with your company. Let’s have a Merry Christmas and make next year unforgettable!”.

:: “As time goes by, our love gets bigger and gives us more joy, so next year it will be the best we have ever lived. Congratulations, darling!”.

:: “At your side I feel like a girl celebrating Christmas, but celebrating the New Year I will feel a full woman because of your love and company. Happy Holidays, my heaven!”.Romantic new year wishes for boyfriend

Heartfelt new year text messages & cards

:: “My greatest desire in these Holidays is to make you happy with my love, enjoy your company and build a beautiful future by your side. Merry Christmas and a nice New Year I wish you with my heart!”.

:: “You help me see Christmas with different eyes and wait for the New Year with more hope than ever. You really are the best thing that could ever happen to me. Happy Holidays, my love!”.

:: “My gift to you at these Holidays is my promise to love you forever and to make you happy every day. Thousands of kisses, hugs and blessings to you, sweetheart!”.

These Holidays are a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your partner, so share original Merry Christmas and Happy New Year texts that contain your best feelings and good wishes.

Remember that with your family and friends you should also share cute greetings for End of Year’s Holidays.Wishing you a happy new year darling Messenger messages

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