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Everyone freezes when the year ends and we move on to a new one. In fact, what excites us is that we do not know how many nice surprises, opportunities to have more money, health or love we have in this New Year. It is exciting to think that we have new days to wake up and smile at life, to be who we really want to be, to face our fears and to leave all the bad behind.
We also must enjoy this New Year in order to spend beautiful moments with our family and close friends. We should not miss the opportunity to visit them. In this old year that comes to an end we should offer cute messages to our loved ones for them to receive the New Year with an attitude full of enthusiasm and confidence that this year will be nice to everyone.
You can send your messages via the twitter or facebook, or send a nice text message; the important thing is not to stop doing it. This article will give you several messages you can send to those special people in your life.
Free list of beautiful New Year’s Eve messages:
:: “It is time to think positive and let all the bad and ugly in the old year. Now we begin a new stage in our lives and we have to attract all the positive energies. Happy year for all!”
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:: “Life gives us many moments to smile and be happy so let´s take advantage of this new year and do everything we want to do. I hope you all have a happy New Year 2013”.
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:: “I hope this New Year 2013 bring you much satisfaction and you have in mind and heart that you can trust me on this year and all that follow. Happy New Year dear friend!”
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:: “If life does not smile this year, do not worry now life will give you many reasons to be happy, is all up to you and the attitude you get. Happy New Year and that I hope you have a good time”.
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:: “Today we should be happy since today we have a change of life because all the positive energies of the universe will come to us. Happy New Year and be all very happy!”
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:: “I hope that life today fulfills the desires you crave more and that this New Year will be prosperous for you and your family. Happy New Year my friend!”
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:: “I cannot complain about this old year since it was the year that I met you. Besides, I know that next year will be much better because we will have many moments together that will make us very happy. Happy New Year!”
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:: “The only thing that saddens me in this New Year is that we will not be together as always since today distance is between us. However, from here I send you all my love and my best wishes for you to have a nice New Year”.
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:: “There is nothing better than spending a New Year with the people we love. I hope you be also with them, and do not forget that I love you and I wish you the best in the world. Happy New Year!”
Category :New Year’s Eve messages
We hope you like this list of New Year messages, and do not forget to send them to people you love. You will see that they will be very happy to know your wishes.
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