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Lovely sorry messages for boyfriend

Looking for the best I am sorry my love text messages ? Forgiveness is requested when one feels regretted for a mistake. In this opportunity we present beautiful phrases to apologize to your boyfriend or girlfriend.
As is known, recognizing our mistakes speaks well of us, so if you are going through a difficult time with your partner and you need to ask for forgiveness, here you will find nice I’m sorry messages for your partner.
Following these lines we leave you very nice forgiveness expressions to send your partner; we hope they can help your relationship.

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:: “You feel hurt because of my fault and I do not know how to remedy that pain, maybe it’s too late for me, I immerse myself in my sadness for the guilt I feel now. Forgive me, love of my life”.
:: “I apologize for what happened, it was not my intention to create such a tense atmosphere, my anger gain me because I felt very jealous, but I understood that I was so wrong”.
:: “I am feeling very bad, I do not know how I could treat you like this, without even having asked where you were, I drew conclusions that disturbed my mind. Excuse me please”.
:: “I think I’ve been exaggerated in my comments, I did not want to hurt your feelings because I know you’ve proven to love me, forgive me, I never want to lose you”.
:: “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, the only one who has dazzled me from the first moment, that is why I will do anything to get your forgiveness. I love you so much”.

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:: “Love is beautiful, but it is not perfect, as everything in life has its ups and downs. I retract my words to apologize because I feel I was not loyal to you. I love you so much, excuse me”.
:: “I promise you it will not happen again, I know it is not easy to believe in the word of a person who failed, but please give me the benefit of the doubt. Let’s start from scratch, forgive me! ”
:: “There is no bad word said but misinterpreted. I confess that what I said was not in bad faith, maybe I wanted to make you understand what my heart felt and opinions were distorted. Forgive me, my love”.
:: “I am sending you this letter to ask you to forgive me, please if you ask me to bow to you I will do it and to whom you wish to put as a witness. I will be there because you are the love of my life”.

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:: “Life gave us the opportunity to know and love each other, I had a silly decision to think that you would accept me with my weaknesses that always separated me from love. Forgive me, give me another chance please”.
:: “I trusted that time would keep my beloved because he felt in love, but I was so wrong when not giving you the value and importance of a boyfriend. Forgive me, darling”.
:: “The flower that you gave me on my birthday died, would it be a harbinger of our end?, I do not want to think like that, my love, I feel that the culprit of everything is me. Excuse me!”.
:: “An exchange of words can hurt you without realizing it, what I want through this message is to make you understand that they were only misinterpreted words, I promise not to make you feel bad never again. Forgive me, I love you”.

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:: “I’m so sorry for what has happened, I could not live if I do not get a pardon from you, I know I do not have a minimum of opportunity, but I care about you and I will achieve your forgiveness, even if it costs me my life”.
:: “How not to feel bad if I am always criticizing you, my love, forgive me, I do not want to be repetitive, but I promise to correct that bad habit of thinking that I am always right”.
:: “Take good care of yourself, I know that after what has happened, you will not even want to see me. For now, I say goodbye until the waters calm down, but I will come back to solve this. I ask you a thousand pardons”.
:: “I am very sorry for having made you suffer so much. Forgive me, I will not commit an act like this again, I promise to make you very happy”.
Asking for forgiveness is not easy when you hurt someone you love, so, we end this article with beautiful forgiveness texts for your partner and with them you can ask for another opportunity.
We remind you that you can share any of these short forgiveness messages for a partner, send them all to your social network contacts.

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When you are in love there is nothing worse than feeling hurt. If you have failed your boyfriend, you have to give an apology to your partner with some beautiful forgiveness phrases.
Hoping it would be very useful, in this article we leave you beautiful forgiveness thoughts for your boyfriend or girlfriend if you regret something wrong you did.
Hopefully, all these new messages to ask your partner for forgiveness would serve to achieve the long awaited reconciliation.

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:: “The only culprit of this problem is me, I felt that I should not believe in gossip but my jealousy could more. Forgive me love for doubting you”.
:: “I ask you from the heart not to make me suffer anymore, I know that I do not deserve any consideration, but my heart cannot bear this sadness. Excuse me”.
:: “I promise, before God, not to hurt you anymore. From today I will begin to show you I am worthy of your trust”.
:: “I know that what happened affected you a lot, that’s why I recognize my fault and I apologize to you, It won’t happen again. I love you”.
:: “I hope this message reaches the bottom of your heart and you forgive me because I have nothing to hide, it was just a misunderstanding that I did not know how to handle. I love you very much and I do not want to lose you”.

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:: “My love, please accept my apology, I know that my behavior was not adequate but I felt very lonely and abandoned. Excuse me please”.
:: “I’m lonely and sad, not knowing about you, that’s why I’m writing these lines to tell you that I love you very much and I do not want us to be separated, please forgive me if I was too rough with you”.
:: “I ask you to forgive me, I do not know how to get to your heart and relive the times we met when everything was happiness. Forgive me, darling”.
:: “How long would you need to forgive me?, I do not know what I can do to make you feel loved like never before, forgive me please, it will not happen again. I love you”.
:: “I want to apologize for so much disagreement, my character is something that I must control in any situation. Excuse me please, I love you”.

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:: “What else can I do? I am so sad, even though I know it was my fault, my truth prevails and tells me how much I love you. Please, let’s fix this situation”.
:: “Please forgive me, I feel like the most desolate woman in the universe, I miss you very much and I just want to get on my knees to tell you I’m sorry. I love you very much”.
:: “We are together to love and respect each other, so I ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt and do not believe in rumors about my fidelity. Forgive me, I did not do anything wrong”.
:: “I love you so much , today won’t be like other days when I didn’t care if you felt bad. I’m so sorry because I did not give you the place you deserve”.

Sweet & romantic i am sorry messages for girlfriend

Find cute I’m sorry text messages and I love you

:: “How many days more days will pass without feeling your lips in mine?, I will not resist another minute if this situation remains tense. Receive my apologies and please let’s try to renew our relationship”.
:: “I hope this situation changes, because being separated for many days is not good, neither for you nor for me. I do not want to look for a culprit, I just need to tell you that I’m wrong and it will not happen again”.
:: “With the love that I have always had, I apologize for such bad behavior on my part, I hope you understand me and know that I will never allow you to feel hurt again. Forgive me honey”.
:: “The only thing I want for both of us is to calm down, to be able to solve this awful misunderstanding. I promise you everything is going to be great again. Excuse me darling”.
We end this note where we have shown you the most sensitive expressions of forgiveness for your partner. We hope everyone likes them.
We invite you to download effusive and short forgiveness messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend and hopefully problems would go away.

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