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Having a love is a nice thing, however, when it is far away, it is complicated. That is why we offer you beautiful love messages to share. It is important that, you can feed the relationship with details like these ones.
A love like the one you have, even if your couple is far away, deserves to be celebrated. That’s why, it’s nice if you surprise your love with these cute love phrases to download. Thank you for choosing us to accompany you on this occasion.
We hope that these new love phrases to send to your boyfriend, have been of your total pleasure, and have relieved the pain of distance. It is always good to have this kind of detail with the people you love above all. Enjoy it!

Cute new love texts

:: “Having you in my life is a luck which makes me infinitely happy. Thank you for being part of every step I take, you are the most important part in my life; the most magical moments are with you. I love you infinitely”.
Category: Love messages
:: “No matter how far you may be, we have two hearts that come together in one beat, each time we speak, each time we feel that our love can do everything. Thank you and I promise that we will be together soon”.
Category: Love messages
:: “Every time, I remember your look, it’s getting lost in a whole universe of possibilities to be happy. To look at you is to play the lottery, and to keep every shine that your eyes give off, it is my share of good luck every day”.
Category: Love messages
:: “How don’t feel happy by your side?. At this moment, we are far away, but it is for our own good, because we aspire to a better future. I love you infinitely, and every kilometer that separates us today is every step that unites us to the future. I hug you from a distance”.
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Send cute love messages

:: “You have a stronger light than the sun itself. I can say a thousand things, but nothing will be as big as all the love I feel for you. Thank you for filling me with so much light, for being able to make my days more calm. I love you infinitely, keep it in mind”.
Category: Love phrases
:: “You’re a tranquilizer on stormy days, even so, finding yourself miles away from me. Listening to you gives me peace, it gives me happiness. Thank you for being my daily dose of happiness, for helping me to be a better person. I love you, soon we will be together again and it will be as always”.
Category: Love phrases
:: “When two people really love each other, there is no distance that can overshadow the happiness of two hearts full of love. I love you, never forget it, it is important that we are strong despite the distance”.
Category: Love phrases
Did you like these beautiful love words to download? We hope so, and that you have chosen one for your partner. We know that soon you will be together and you will enjoy your love again. We know how difficult it is to be away from the loved one, but not impossible, especially with cute love messages to share. Until a new opportunity, you know that you count on us for any occasion.

Very beautiful love poems

Having the happiness of love is something magical. Many times close, many times far, the important thing is to feed the relationship day by day. We offer you in this opportunity, fabulous love words to download.
It is wonderful to find someone with our same concerns, and also with differences, but it is worth living to enjoy. We give you this time, nice love messages to share with that special person.
Enjoy this beautiful stage that you are living, despite the distance, we know that it is not impossible, until you meet again. We hope you like these cute love messages.

The best free love quotes

:: “I want you to bear in mind, that these days that we are not close, despite being a storm, are tests that life gives us, to make our relationship stronger. Our love is stronger than all the adverse aspects of life. I love you infinitely”.
Category: Love sms
:: “Many times I start thinking about destiny, and how at the moment you least imagine, it brings people with so much light and magic to your life, as it was your case. Since you came into my life, you filled my days with colors. Thank you very much for everything you do for me”.
Category: Love sms
:: “From the moment you left, my life has been a torture, but I know it’s for our own good, because we always speak as a team, and it will be like that forever. I promise to keep fighting for both. I love you infinitely”.
Category: Love sms
:: “Today is a special day, given that I miss you in an incredible way, much more than every day. Every day I learn to love you with this distance, and I also learn to live without you. Keep in mind at all times, that I love you infinitely”.
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Download free love phrases

:: “You came to my life, with your ideas, with your obstinacy to always defend what you think, with your passion for everything you undertake, and I was simply impressed by the magic that you give off. Thank you for deciding to share your life with me”.
Category: Love texts
:: “Having a nice day is a complicated task, since you left. However, in the eagerness to miss you, I inquire into my own feelings, and discover how much I can feel, and how much I can learn to love, despite not having you by my side. I miss you”.
Category: Love texts
:: “Every time I think of you, I only say ‘’thank you” and that is because life, in its great complexity, allows me to be happy by sharing our lives for some time. Now we are separated, but I know that when we meet again it will be magical”.
Category: Love texts
:: “Loving you is the best thing I know how to do; missing you is now my favorite pastime. Since you’re not here, my life is spent in a complex way, but I know that when we meet again, the constellations will shine brighter”.
Category: Love texts
Love is a magical adventure that you cannot stop living despite the distance. That’s why in this opportunity we offer you beautiful love phrases to download. We know that they will be of your total pleasure. We hope that these cute love messages have pleased you, and that they are the balm that calms the hearts when they know of distance. Until a next opportunity when we will share more cute love messages.

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