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The day-to-day routine demands a lot from us and does not leave us all the time we want to share with our family and friends, so when in the calendar appears a special day as a birthday; we find the perfect excuse to celebrate.

Apart from buying a nice gift, you must also find the words to congratulate that special friend and wish him the best, but it is not always easy to do so.

You do not have to worry anymore because we will share with you some birthday phrases that you will surely love, so go ahead, check them out and choose your favorites.

Share cute Birthday words:

– “Think very well what will be the wish that you are going to ask on this day because I know it will come true. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “This day brings me many pleasant memories of our childhood; I just hope you are well and enjoy a Happy Birthday.”
Category: Birthday messages

– “We have not seen each other in a long time, but I still remember that today is your birthday. Have a lot of happiness! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “If you look at yourself in the mirror you will realize that you look like yesterday, so nothing has changed for another year. Do not worry and celebrate your birthday with joy. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “Friends like you are very few in this world; I even think they have not done them again, so let’s celebrate your birthday until dawn. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “You are the person with the fullest heart of good feelings that I know all over the world, so for me it is a real honor to celebrate with you your birthday. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “Happy Birthday! May all evil go away from your life and be replaced by moments of joy, success and the love of your loved ones. “
Category: Birthday messages

– “Have a birthday full of happiness and do not worry about the passage of time because you look as young as always.”
Category: Birthday messages

– “You are one of the people who has shown me that this life is beautiful, that is why I wish you many happiness. God bless you!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “Congratulations on your birthday, grandpa! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, for giving me the best advice and for giving me your love. “
Category: Birthday messages

– “Although on the outside you have a hard appearance, inside you have a heart full of goodness and the best feelings. I wish you a very Happy Birthday! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “What a joy to know that you have not changed your personality. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and thousands of happy moments in your life. “
Category: Birthday messages

Now that you have a variety of congratulatory phrases you simply have to choose the most appropriate to share it during the birthdays of your friends and family. Visit our page again, we will be waiting for you with many new thoughts.

The best free Birthday phrases

Sometimes we are so busy that we miss dates as special as birthdays, but we should not do it because those who are celebrating are looking forward to receiving our congratulations.

It is not easy to write a phrase of congratulation that allows us to express our deepest feelings to that person in his birthday, so we bring you a collection of original phrases from which you can choose.

Take the freedom to choose any of the following phrases and share them with that person in his birthday ,through social networks or text messages. Remember that it would be a very special detail.

Download free beautiful Birthday messages:

– “You are a great example to us all because you have shown us that it is possible to achieve everything in this life. I wish you thousands of congratulations on your birthday! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “It seems that God himself wants to celebrate your birthday and that’s why he has given you a beautiful sunny day. Congratulations! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “I must say that many beautiful surprises await you today and I do not say it because I am a fortune teller, but because it is your birthday. Thousands of congratulations! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “You have a heart of gold, full of the most beautiful feelings, that is why I ask you to never change and I wish you many congratulations on your birthday.”
Category: Birthday messages

– “Happy Birthday! Your friendship has been like an anchor that among the strongest storms has allowed me to be in a safe place. Dear friend, thank you for being the best! “
Category: Birthday messages

– “You are a wonderful person, very intelligent and with a great talent; I see that we have many things in common. Congratulations on your birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “When you blow the candles of your cake, we will all be wishing, with all the strength of our hearts, that the desire that you asked would come true. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “May this day be the beginning of a new stage in your life in which success, abundance, joy and love always accompany you. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “I remember when you were a small child and you ran all over the house and although that is still only a memory, the love I feel for you remains intact. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “Don’t be surprised by the number of candles that you will find in your cake, the important thing is that you always have a great smile that makes you look very young. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “You are a friend like few, unique in its kind, and I hope you give me the happiness of being able to enjoy your friendship forever. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

– “The most beautiful surprises you will receive on this day will not come in a box, wrapped in gift wrap. I wish you much happiness on your birthday! “
Category: Birthday messages

Do not forget to share your congratulations in both birthdays and other special dates, remember that on our page you will find different sections with the phrases you need. Come and visit us whenever you want!

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