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Happy anniversary
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Love can arise spontaneously to start a beautiful relationship and when you turn a year, it should be shared beautiful anniversary love wishes for WhatsApp.
An anniversary means that the relationship has matured and grown a lot and deserves to be celebrated by sharing cute WhatsApp messages for anniversary.
Your girlfriend will be delighted to receive original anniversary dedications for WhatsApp that contain your feelings, good wishes and are the voice of your heart.

What to write in an anniversary card to girlfriend

:: “I feel happy and very proud to have you as my girlfriend because you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “Thank you for making me so happy and for filling all my days with joy, color and love. Today we celebrate another year as a couple and I want to wish you the best.
:: “How quickly time passes, our anniversary has arrived and it is time to celebrate how incredible our love is. Congratulations, my dear!”.
:: “When I met you, I didn’t imagine that I was facing the woman of my life, but I think my heart already knew it. Congratulations on our anniversary, my beautiful princess!”.
:: “When I see you I sigh in love and I feel that I melt, just like the first time I saw you, with the difference that I love you even more now. Congratulations and may our love not stop growing!”.Sweet words of anniversary for Facebook

Romantic anniversary phrases that melt hearts

:: “A year ago you accepted me as your boyfriend, you gave me an opportunity that I took from the first moment because I love you with all my heart. Today I wish you a Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “My heart beats of love for you and in all my thoughts you are present, you are everything to me and I want to be with you forever. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “A woman like you appears in this world every 1000 years and I am the lucky one who could conquer your heart, so I ask life that our love be eternal. Congratulations darling!”
:: “You really love me with both my virtues and defects and you help me to be a better person, without a doubt you are the love of my life. Congratulations on this new anniversary!”.
:: “The goddess fortune smiled at me when you crossed my path and then cupid flecked my heart, it is the best thing that could ever happen to me. Happy Anniversary, my queen!”.

Happy anniversary greetings to celebrate your love

:: “We are inseparable and even if thousands of kilometers came to stand between us, our hearts will be united for eternity. Let’s celebrate a Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “What started as an attraction became the greatest of all loves and today we celebrate that it is another year of that day when it all began. Congratulations my love!”
:: “With much effort but also with smiles and much joy we have built this beautiful love that will never end. Let’s celebrate a new year together!”.
:: “Happy Anniversary, my dear! Now I can see it clearly, it is our destiny to love each other for all eternity because we are made for each other. I adore you”.
:: “Every day our love is partying, but today it is very special because it’s our anniversary. My beautiful princess, I will give you many kisses to wish you thousands of congratulations”.Anniversary picture messages

Cute,romantic & short love anniversary messages for Her

:: “I feel incredibly happy and supremely fortunate to have your love in my life and to be celebrating a new anniversary with you. Congratulations, queen of my heart!”.
:: “My heart is going to explode and not only of love for you but of happiness as we celebrate another year of our relationship. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman!”.
:: “I want heaven to give me the joy of being able to share every day by your side to feel completely and fully happy. I wish you a nice anniversary!”.
:: “May God bless this relationship that has given us so much joy, but above all May He fill every moment of our lives with love. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “Each of these 365 days has seemed like a beautiful dream come true, a wish granted by the angels. Congratulations, beautiful princess!”.Sweet anniversary facebook wordings

Find best wedding anniversary wishes for messenger

:: “Every beat of my heart has a motive and it is you, my great and only love. Today we are celebrating our anniversary and I wish you thousands of congratulations”.
:: “You have taken great care of me during these last 12 months and above all you have given me your most sincere love. Thanks for being my girlfriend!”.
:: “Every day I tell you that I love you, but I also want to say thank you more frequently, for being my great love and I would like every year to be able to repeat Happy Anniversary my queen!”
These beautiful texts to wish your girlfriend a happy anniversary will be a very original and significant gift that she will love to receive. Continue to surprise your better half with tender romantic dedications to share on social networks.Whatsapp love text anniversary

Best happy anniversary
messages & wishes

To commemorate another year of relationship is a true triumph for love and deserves to be celebrated by sharing beautiful anniversary dedications for WhatsApp.
Celebrate this special event by expressing your feelings through cute anniversary words for your boyfriend on WhatsApp and thus he will be pleasantly surprised.
Imagine if upon waking the first thing your boyfriend finds on his cell phone are original happy anniversary greetings, he will be very happy and will feel very excited.

Download best anniversary wishes for couples

:: “Every moment shared by your side has made me love you even more and I want you to be by my side forever. Happy Anniversary, my heaven!”.
:: “You came into my life to banish sadness and loneliness completely and fill my heart with love and joy. My dear, let’s celebrate a Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “You conquered my heart with a beautiful smile, with a sweet look and with the most wonderful words. On our anniversary I wish you congratulations and I promise to love you forever”.
:: “My life is wonderful since you came with your love to rejoice my heart. For me it is a true fortune to celebrate this anniversary with you. I love you!”
:: “Our good and bad moments have made our relationship stronger and that today we are celebrating a new anniversary. Congratulations, my king!”.

Deep anniversary love quotes for WhatsApp

:: “In you, I find the love of my life and although I waited a long time it was worth it because I would not change you for anyone. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “You are my complement, the source of my happiness, my desire to live and my strength to move forward. You are the love of my life and today I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary”.
:: “I want to say thank you for this wonderful year that you have given me, 365 days full of love and beautiful moments. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “We are celebrating another year of partners and I want to tell you that every day I fall in love with you more because you are the man of my life. Congratulations darling!”.
:: “A year ago we started our love story and let me tell you that it is the most beautiful this world has ever seen. Congratulations on our anniversary!”.Whatsapp romantic anniversary texts

Sweet and cute things to say to your girlfriend for anniversary 

:: “I have lost count of the number of times I have fallen in love with you because you have not stopped conquering me with the most tender and beautiful details. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “Today we celebrate another year together and there are countless reasons I have to be grateful to you. I love you and may our love live forever!”.
:: “These 12 months we have lived beautiful experiences that have strengthened our love and I feel that many more beautiful things will come. Congratulations!”
:: “I feel that eternity will be short for all the love we feel. My beloved, congratulations on our anniversary!”.
:: “Happy Anniversary, love of my life! It’s been a year since our story began, but this is just the beginning of an eternity together”.

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’ anniversary

:: “Sweetie, Happy Anniversary! May God allow this feeling to continue to grow so that it fills our hearts with more happiness”.
:: “Happy Anniversary, my love! You have made my days better and I can finally know what it means to love with my whole soul”.
:: “If I had the opportunity to choose you again I would do it because you are the perfect person for me. Happy Anniversary, sweetie!”.
:: “Time should stop when we are together because only by your side is that I feel complete. I adore you, Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “Honey, this love story turns one more year and I can’t find enough words to express everything I feel for you. Congratulations!”

Heartfelt happy anniversary messages with images

:: “My love, congratulations on our anniversary and May the years we are together be infinite”.
:: “Honey, I have long dreamed of this moment and it has finally arrived. Happy Anniversary! May this magic forever surround us and make us fall in love more every day”.
:: “Congratulations on our anniversary. This and every day are special because our love will always reign in our hearts”.
:: “What started with a tender look became a beautiful love story. Happy Anniversary, honey!”.
:: “Congratulations on our anniversary! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you that I love you like nobody else”.

Happy anniversary quotes,wishes & messages with images

:: “Today we commemorate one year of relationship, which is the perfect combination of love, friendship, companionship and complicity. Congratulations, sweetie!”.
:: “How nice it is to be able to celebrate another year by your side and feel that it is just the beginning of so many beautiful things that God has prepared for us. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “A year ago we stopped being two to become one and our hearts began to beat at the same rate. Congratulations on our anniversary, sweetie!”.
Social networks attest to many important events in our lives and will also do so on this date by sending beautiful anniversary greetings for your girlfriend on WhatsApp.
Take advantage of this application to strengthen your relationship by sharing beautiful romantic messages with your partner.Best happy anniversary messages for wife

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