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At special holidays such New Year’s Eve, people get closer to their family, friends and their loved ones. If the year is ending and you’re falling in love with a girl, you’ll want to stop the time.
When a girl correspond our feelings, we have good reasons to be happy. Would you like to tell your girlfriend how much you love her? Would you like to wish her happiness for this New Year? If so, stop searching.
In this article you’ll find a list of New Year’s wishes for girlfriend. Send one of these messages to your girlfriend as SMS or post it on her facebook wall. She’ll enjoy getting your love.

Download best new year phrases for my GF:

:: “My love, tonight the year is over and I want to tell you that everything works well when I’m with you, I want both to live this New Year with happiness and love”
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:: “You’re what I love the most in this life and in special holidays like this the only thing I do is thinking about you. Happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “Hey princess of my heart, give me a sweet smile to start this New Year, please do it and I will do everything for you, happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “When you dance in front of me something hypnotize me and I can’t find peace, tonight I want you with me to spend a happy New Year, I’m sure we’ll enjoy being together”
Category :new year quotes
:: “A New Year begins and it makes me happy because we will be together in the name of love, happy New Year; I love you sweetie”
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:: “I want to celebrate this New Year with you, to hold our hands and to see the fireworks lighting a wonderful night”
Category :new year quotes
:: “New Year’s Eve is fantastic and beautiful but you’re definitively more, nothing in this world can be compared to your beauty, happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “I love you and my soul is very happy because you feel the same for me, I promise you to make you the happiest girl ever in this New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “The best about this year is being with you until the last day, thanks for always giving me your love, I wish you a happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “From all the things that happened to me you’re the best, I never thought falling in love was so amazing and I’m lucky that you correspond my feelings, happy New Year princess”
Category :new year quotes
:: “You’re the only one who makes my days happy, I love you as I never did before and I wish we have a happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “This New year will be perfect if I’m with you since the first day, you are part of me and I wish it will be like this forever, happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
We hope you can express your best New Year’s wishes to your girlfriend. Tell her you’re happy to start a New Year together.

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