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Very special messages
for New Year
Best romantic happy new year wishes and messages

How do you wish someone a Happy New Year ?,What should I write in a Happy New Year card ?. The new year is almost upon us. What better way to celebrate it than by giving a lot of love to that little person we appreciate so much.
Today we are giving you these short romantic messages that will help you wish him or her the best in the year yet to come. Check them out!

New Year’s Eve: Beautiful love phrases

:: “I can’t imagine this New Year’s Eve without you. Let’s celebrate this and thousands more, my love!”.
:: “The only resolution I have for next year is to make you happier than last year, my love. You are everything to me”.
:: “The years are passing and you are still more beautiful than ever, baby. A new year will soon begin and with it, your beauty will continue to increase more and more”.
:: “I never thought I’d find so much happiness with someone. My love, I want to spend the rest of my days with you. Happy New Year! I love you”.
:: “These New Year’s Eve days are magical only if I am with you. I want us to celebrate life together, forever. Happy New Year, my love, you’re so beautiful”.Get happy new year quotes for WhatsApp & FB

Sweet new year greeting cards for WhatsApp and Facebook 

:: “You’re perfect, I know there’s no other way to describe you. I love you from here to the moon. This new year I just want to tell you how much I love you, my Queen”.
:: “I’ve spent my whole life looking for the right person for me. I’m so happy to know that I found her in you. Happy New Year, my love. I will love you forever”.
:: “Every year I look forward to December 31st. This new year I only hope to be with you and shout to the sky how much I love you”.
:: “My love, when the midnight hour comes, I want you to be with me. I want us to be together, holding hands, so I can tell you how much I love you”.
:: “All these years by your side have been the most special ones. But this new year, it will be even more so. It’s the beginning of a new decade and I want us to start it together, giving each other lots of love”.Short happy new year wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp

Find original romantic happy new year status for WhatsApp

:: “Hello beautiful, you are the one who keeps me alive and fills me with happiness. This new year, I want to be the one who makes you feel this way, every second, every minute. I love you!”.
:: “Your voice is a song that I would like to hear for the rest of my life. On the morning of January 1st, I would like your voice to be the first thing my ears hear. I love you”.
:: “There are good moments and bad moments in life, but with you, any moment is magic, my dear princess. I want this new year to be filled with eternal love and be happy forever”.
:: “It’s hard to put into words how much I love you. I’ve thought about it a lot, but I only know that it is with you that I want to spend this new year”.
:: “I love you incessantly, my queen. I want this end of the year to recharge our energies together, because next year will be much better and full of happiness”.

Happy new year wishes and short New Year messages

:: “I want to travel to exotic places with you, to find the happiness that human beings seek so much. With you, I can be happy here or 3,000 kilometers away, no matter where.
What does matter is that we are together. I love you very much, my love”.
:: “It is very easy to start the new year well, I just have to be with you. You are very special to me, my life. I love you infinitely”.
:: “Thinking that New Year’s Eve was for losers was so wrong. Because since I am with you, my love, I am as delighted as someone can be and full of happiness. Happy New Year! Love you”.
:: “I can’t wait to tell you how much I love you, my queen. On December 31st I will be with you to tell you as many times as possible”.
There is no time left before the end of the year! What are you waiting for to send a nice message of love to your partner?
Remember that our phrases are free, and you can use them whenever you want. Come back anytime for more messages. Good luck and have a happy New Year!Download magical new year love messages

What to write in a new year card

There is nothing better to celebrate the New Year as the change of year is a time when we feel renew and should attract all the good energies to accomplish goals and dreams that we could not make the year that we will leave behind.
Do not forget that we welcome the New Year with people we want the most, such as friends or family, since it is much more fun.
In this New Year, as we want everything do better, we must also think of the special people in our lives and we should offer them nice wishes for the New Year.
So be sure to tell them nice words when you see them, and even more if they are not with you, so send them your messages either via text message, Facebook or twitter.
If you want a little help to send your messages do not worry here we have a list of several messages for New Year. Read them and see which one of them will be perfect for you.Wishing you a happy new year darling WhatsApp messages

Find best happy new year wishes & greetings

:: “In this New Year approaching I wish you the best in the world because you are a very special person to me and I hope this New Year give you many joys to continue seeing your smile. Happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messages
:: “I hope this New Year you can be next to the people you love most so I send you this message for you to keep me in mind since from here I send you my best wishes. Happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messages
:: “From the bottom of my heart I wish you a happy New Year and all your wishes come true. I really hope that our friendship grows more and we spend beautiful moments together”.
Category :special New Year messages
:: “You have a New Year to do everything you ever dreamed and I know you will because you are a person with a winning spirit. I wish you a happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messages
:: “I am very happy to have you in my life, and I am even happier that in this New Year you will be with me. I hope you spend many New Years with me enjoying our love once again. Happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messages
:: “Not everything has been nice this year but you should think that the new coming year will be full of surprises and joy to your life. I wish you a happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messageshappy new year wishes for friends, family, & Whatsapp status

Happy new year greeting cards for Facebook

:: “You are an amazing person and I am very happy that you are part of my life. I hope this New Year be filled with much joy and wonderful moments for you. Happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messages
:: “Thank you honey for giving me your love all this year. I know we have both made mistakes but you will see that in this New Year we will fix our mistakes for each other. I love you. Happy New Year!”
Category :special New Year messages
:: “From here I send you a kiss and a big hug and I wish you a happy New Year. I hope you spend this day with all the most important people in your life, and do not forget about this friend who always thinks of you and wants you to be very happy”.
Category :special New Year messages
:: “Do not forget that you must learn from the good and bad that happened to you this year, and try to be better than you were, and you will see that this New Year will bring new and satisfactory experiences to you. Happy New Year my son!”
Category :special New Year messages
We hope you like these very special New Year messages. Do not forget to send one of these to people who are important in your year short status for Facebook and Whatsapp stories

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