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Sweet Good Night
love messages

Best romantic Good Night phrases.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts
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When the day is over what we want most is to go home, be with the person we love and relax so we can rest until the next day.

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If, for one reason or another, you do not have the chance to see your loved one before going to sleep, then take a few minutes to send them a sweet dreams phrase, so they know they are on your mind before going to sleep.Best good night text messages to make her fall in love with you.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

Good night love messages
to my Queen

:: “Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and when I look into them, I feel transported to another universe, a magical and wonderful one. Have a good night, my life”.

:: “My treasure, have a beautiful rest, forget about all the problems of the day and you will see that tomorrow you are going to wake up renewed, Good night, my life!”.

:: “Tonight the moon will continue to witness how much we love each other, although we do not sleep together we are always eternally united, rest well sweetie!”.

:: “From my heart I send you a huge kiss and a hug hoping you have sweet dreams, I love you very much, good night”.

:: “The most beautiful thing I have after finishing my work days, is to be able to rest in your arms and spend wonderful nights, sweet dreams, my Princess!”.

:: “I will see you again very soon, so let’s try to go to sleep as soon as possible, so the time will go by faster. See you tomorrow, my love, I love you”.

:: “From the depths of my heart I wish you have a beautiful night and nice dreams. Until tomorrow my Queen!”.

:: “I wish you a peaceful night’s rest, my love, and I hope you wake up tomorrow with recharged energy. I love you dearly!”.

:: “I send you thousands of kisses on this full moon night, my life, hoping to dream you as I do every night. See you tomorrow. Xoxo!”.Love pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

Good night romantic messages
for iPhone

:: “You are the most wonderful boyfriend I could ever find and, tonight, all I want is for you to have beautiful dreams. Lots of kisses, darling”.

:: “I adore you, my darling, and I hope that tonight you get to rest and rest as it should be. See you tomorrow, many kisses and hugs”.

:: “May your heart overflow with the moonlight and make you dream awake with a beautiful future together. Good night Princess”.

:: “My heart feels so much joy since it met you and it beats stronger every time it is with you. Good night, my dear”.

:: “I feel that I was born at the perfect moment. I have met you and it is enough for me. I wish you sweet dreams today, my darling”.

:: “Love is all my heart feels since I met you, for you are more than life itself. I love you and wish you a good night, sweetheart”.

:: “I wish you a very good night, my love. I will stay by your side to be the angel that protects your dreams. See you tomorrow, my king”.

:: “Today I couldn’t see you; I just wish you have a nice rest and that tomorrow we could share wonderful moments. Good Night”.

:: “Honey, in sleeping time put your soul in peace mode, your heart engaged with me and you will have a serene night”.

:: “You can have nice dreams; just invite your body to be an accomplice of the night, but thinking of me”.

Romantic good night love messages to make her fall in love.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

Roamntic phrases
Sleep well, my love!

:: “I yearn to sleep by your side, to shield you with my arms, to watch over your dreams, and to give you a kiss upon waking. But until that happens, I will continue building our future so that very soon all our desires will come true. Good night, my life!”.

:: “Good night, my doll, thank you for illuminating my day with your smile and love. I hope you sleep peacefully and wake up with the same enchanting humor. Now, rest, darling!”.

:: “In this harsh winter, I would love to sleep cuddled up to you, but since that isn’t possible yet, I will ask heaven to protect your sleep and allow me to show you how much you mean to me. Sleep well, my life!”.

:: “Nights always seem eternal to me, the hours always stretch long when I wait for you. My love, you make me truly happy, you make me feel that there is no one in the world who could deserve my heart as much as you. Before I go to sleep, I wanted to remind you that I love you, I hope you have a good night, my love”.

:: “Sometimes I wish the night would never come, that the day would be longer so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to you. But now each of us is in our own bed, far from each other, wishing to see each other in dreams because that’s all we have left. I wish you a good night, my love, and I hope you dream of little angels, those little angels who look so much like you. I love you”.

:: “The nights are getting colder and colder, and I would love to curl up next to you, warm you with my body, and have you sleep on my chest. That night will come, I know, in the meantime, all I can do is wish you good night through this message, which I hope will make you fall asleep with a smile on your lips, just like I do when I think of you”.

:: “Good night, love of my life, princess of my dreams. I hope that when you lay your head on the pillow, you will remember that there is a man who loves you and always thinks of you, who wants you to be happy and wishes you sweet dreams. Good night, my love”.

Free download good night love cards to share by Facebook.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

Sweet dreams
text messages

:: “Maybe you’re already in bed and getting ready for sleep, but I want the last thing on your mind before you close your eyes to be that there’s a man dying to sleep next to you from a distance. Have a good night, my love!”.

:: “I would love to give you the goodnight kiss, but the postal service isn’t fast enough to get it to you. I’d better give it to you in my dreams, so let’s hurry up and go to sleep. Rest, my life!”.

:: “Those beautiful eyes of yours need rest, and mine would endure the fatigue just to watch you sleep one night, two, maybe a thousand and all the rest. I love you very much, sweetheart!”.

:: “”Rest well, my darling, I’ll count the minutes until I see you again. The sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I can see you in my dreams and my world will be filled with love, tenderness and faith again. Good night, Queen!”.

:: “I would love to serenade you every night, sing under your balcony and watch you lean out full of emotion. The bad thing is that I’m a terrible singer, but I promise I won’t rest until I make you happy with the strength of our love. Good night, Princess!”.

:: “I will be the guardian who watches over your dreams, I will take care of you at all times and places. I eagerly await the day when I will give you the goodnight kiss and we will go to rest together. Have the sweetest dreams, love!”.

:: “I love everything about you, you are the love of my life and the only person capable of understanding my heart. That’s why I pray to God to watch over your dreams and allow me to give you days full of happiness and excitement. Good night, darling!”.
Download cute good night Whatsapp love messages.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

WhatsApp Good Night
love messages

:: “This is a cold winter night and that’s why there’s nothing more delicious than going to bed early and covering ourselves with lots of blankets. Thank you for spending this beautiful day with me, you are a wonderful woman and I am very lucky to know you”.

:: “I wish you can sleep peacefully tonight and also have beautiful dreams because you are a wonderful woman who deserves the best. Until tomorrow, my dear friend”.

:: “Tomorrow will be a new day, another opportunity that life gives me to be by your side and get to know you much better. With all my love I want to wish you a very good night”.

:: “I love it when I dream of you because I can experience great happiness and it feels like all my wishes have come true. Have a very good night”.

:: “I have never met a girl as beautiful as you are, and I am not only referring to your physical appearance but also to your feelings. Tonight I will dream of you, have sweet dreams”.

:: “I will go to bed much earlier so that I have more time to dream of you. Each day that goes by and I get to know you better, makes me fall in love with you even more”.

:: “You are like a dream come true, so I want to wish you good night and have sweet dreams because maybe tomorrow they can come true”.

:: “Since you came into my life you have awakened the most beautiful feelings in my heart. Precious girl, I hope you have a good night and dream of angels”.

:: “Tonight I want to dream of angels, that is, I will dream of you. You are truly incredible and I hope that one day you will be able to reciprocate my feelings. Have a good night”.Love pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

Romantic Good Night
my Queen quotes

:: “The night invites you to think less about what takes away your energy, you just want to join your tiredness with mine and rest next to me”.

:: “This day was wonderful to spend with you, thanks for giving me your love, have an incredible night, sweet dreams, little Princess!”.

:: “I am writing you the last message of the day to tell you that I adore you and that you rest well my pretty princess, I love you, Good night!”.

:: “Tomorrow a new dawn begins, I hope it brings us many blessings and prosperity. Sleep well my love, good night!”.

:: “I hope you have the sweetest dreams tonight, you can be sure that I will too because I will go to bed thinking of you. See you tomorrow”.

:: “They say that there is no hug stronger than a bear’s hug, but I believe that the most beautiful ones are those that reach the loved one even though they are separated by a great distance, because they reflect that they are thinking of each other. That’s how I think of you every night, my love!”.

:: “When you close your beautiful eyes, the world is deprived of your unparalleled beauty, but when the sun’s rays sneak through your window, you open them again and give us all happiness. Good night, my Princess!”.

:: “A cold night is the best excuse to go see you, take you in my arms and dive into our dreams together”.

:: “The nights by your side are unforgettable, they are like the first time, the most beautiful experiences and a dream come true. See you tomorrow my life”.

:: “Don’t worry about me, I will have a good night because I plan to dream with you until dawn. Have sweet dreams”.

:: “Rest well love, tomorrow a wonderful day awaits us, a new opportunity that life brings us to meet and enjoy our love”.

Romantic good night messages for the one you love.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

Good Night messages
for Princess

:: “Before I met you I suffered from insomnia and couldn’t even rest by counting sheep, but now that you’re my partner, all I have to do is remember your image and the sweetest dreams come to me because you’re in them. Good night, my love!”.

:: “I hope that the most beautiful dreams come to you tonight. If something makes you uncomfortable or you have nightmares, don’t forget that I will protect you like a gallant knight. Good night, love!”.

:: “I know that in a few hours you will go to sleep, but before that I want you to observe the beautiful starry sky that we have tonight and think that I am also looking at it at the same time and sending you all my love. Have a good night”.

:: “The time has come for you to go to sleep and put aside all those things that worry and stress you. With all my love I want to wish you a very good night, beautiful woman”.

Having a detail as nice as the sweet dreams my love phrases that we have presented today is essential to keep your love relationship in shape, so do not hesitate and send him your favorite; he will love it. See you soon and good luck!Download cute good night love messages for Messenger.#GoodNightLovePhrases,#RomanticGoodNightTexts

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