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Best Christmas wishes
for your friends

Best Merry Christmas wishes and messages
Looking for cute Christmas text messages for friends ? . The magic of Christmas fills us all with good wishes and love that we can share with our loved ones, such as our friends.
Use the texts we offer you on the lines below to send a Christmas greeting full of love to your good friends.
If you cannot celebrate Christmas together, these texts will make you feel united in spirit at least.Download Christmas wishes for girlfriend

Find original Merry Christmas wishes for WhatsApp

:: “Receive my wishes for harmony, peace and happiness on this Christmas Eve. Although we have not seen each other for years, you are always in my mind, therefore, I hope you have a Merry Christmas surrounded by all your loved ones dear friend”.
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
:: “Dear friends, to the ones who are always there and to the ones I only see every now and then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Every one of you is important in my life, therefore, I hope that in these days of celebration you have a great time, surrounded by all your family, with love and positive energy”.
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
:: “We should make the most out of this holiday season and get together, I have not seen your faces in a while and I miss you all.
I hope you have a nice Christmas and that all of your dreams come true. May the Christmas spirit fill your home with peace and love, and may family union prevail over the gifts or the dinner”.
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
:: “Christmas has arrived along with all the magic that fills us with hope and good wishes. I want you all to have a nice Christmas together with all your family, and may it erase all the memories of the bad moments you have ever lived.
Hopefully we will be able to get together in this time of peace, to share laughter and overdue hugs. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
:: “I do not have presents for everyone on this Christmas Eve, but I have the best wishes in the world for all of you.
I hope that on this holiday season you get to enjoy the love of your families and that your bond is strengthened. Have a Merry Christmas! ”
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
:: “The magic of Christmas is the only one capable of reminding us how fortunate we are to be friends, getting us closer in a hug of appreciation.
You should know that I appreciate you very much and that although I do not see you as much as I want, I wish you a truly magical Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, dear friends”.
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
:: “On this Christmas Eve, the boy Jesus honor us with your presence, and it is my Christmas wish, to dwell forever in their homes.
Have a very Merry Christmas, dear friends, and I hope that wherever they are, know that you are always in my memories, despite being far away”.
Category: Christmas text messages for friends
We hope you have a nice Christmas and that our texts and your good wishes get to the hearts of your friends.Romantic Christmas wishes for boyfriend

Originals texts for my friends
on Christmas Night

What should I write in my family Christmas card? . What do you say to your family at Christmas?. Christmas is coming and it can be felt everywhere.
In the Christmas season there is more people on the streets, malls are full with people eager to buy gifts and little children are excited with the arrival of Santa Claus and his toys. People who live and work abroad come back to spend Christmas Eve with family, as they should.
On the hours previous to December 25, many people call family and friends to send their best wishes on such a special day.
In some cities, there are so many people who want to greet their acquaintances that lines collapse and they cannot communicate. In such cases, it is best to send a text message.
Here is a list of Christmas text messages for a friend. Send these SMS to all your friends and make them have a Merry Christmas.Wishing you a Merry Christmas darling Messenger messages

Merry Christmas wishes and short Christmas messages

:: “I have nothing to give you except my affection, appreciation and admiration. I love you very much, my friend. Have a Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas wishes & greetings
:: “Christmas is such a sweet time that it reminds me of you at every instant. Merry Christmas, my friend”.
Category :Christmas wishes & greetings
:: “You are a friend like no other. I love you with all my heart. May your heart beat with happiness on this night of love and peace. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas wishes & greetings
:: “I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Cherish the time you spend with them and be happy”.
Category :Christmas wishes & greetings
:: “Christmas would not be so nice without you. I take this day to tell you how important you are to me. Merry Christmas, my friend. I love you very much”.
Category :Christmas wishes & greetingsGet best sweet Christmas wishes for family

Find best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings

:: “The perfect Christmas is when I have the opportunity to tell a friend like you how much I love them. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas card wishes
:: “Christmas Eve is tonight on heaven and earth. To such a beautiful friend, my best wishes on this day. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas card wishes
:: “You are in my heart 365 days a year, and that makes me very happy. But this is a special day and I want to say Merry Christmas to you”.
Category :Christmas card wishes
:: “I have wished everybody a Merry Christmas, but you are my best friend and I wish you the best Christmas of all. I love you very much”.
Category :Christmas card wishes
:: “I want you to know that I think of you on special day such as this one, and I am happy when I do. Have a Merry Christmas, my friend”.
Category :Christmas card wishesRomantic Christmas wishes for lover

Get best Happy Christmas wishes for my Facebook friends

:: “I love you very much and I could not forget you on this beautiful day. Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas”.
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:: “I wish you a Merry Christmas, my friend. May peace and love reign in your home tonight”.
Category :Christmas greetings for Facebook
:: “I am far away, but I still can greet you. You are my best friend of all. I wish you a Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas greetings for Facebook
We hope you liked these SMS for your friends on Christmas night. Let Christmas live in yours and your friends’ hearts forever.May you have a splendid Christmas text messages

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