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Sweet text messages
for birthdaysfind cute birthday wishes for friends

Do you want to find sweetest happy birthday wishes for Facebook ?Every time you meet your loved ones you share a greeting and a hug, but there is no better time to dedicate nice words of congratulation than during their birthdays.
It is normal for us to worry about buying a beautiful gift for the person who is being entertained, but we must also worry about sharing sweet happy birthday greetings with him/her.
As it is not easy to find those words that represent our feelings, we bring you some original birthday greeting messages that we hope you will like very much.

Best short birthday wishes for friends

:: “Being able to have you with us is a true joy, so with all the sincerity of my heart I wish you a very Happy Birthday”.
:: “It’s your birthday and I want to congratulate you and although I won’t be able to hug you, my heart is with you. I wish you much happiness!”.
:: “On this day I send you this warm greeting and I wish you have a wonderful time. All the happiness for you and May your dreams come true”.
:: “It is time to celebrate all the things that life has given you, health, the company of those who love you and much prosperity, but especially your birthday. Congratulations!”
:: “Congratulations on your birthday! May you succeed in everything, may you always be surrounded by your loved ones and God guide your path”.Super sweet birthday love messages for friends

Happy birthday my love best greetings

:: “One more year of life has been granted to you, celebrate with gratitude and fully enjoy what is to come. I wish you all the happiness!”
:: “A wonderful wish is waiting for you to come true when you blow out the candles on your cake. Happy Birthday!”
:: “I wish you a Happy Birthday! Remember that I will always be with you and that you can count on my support”.
:: “Enjoy a very Happy Birthday where the love of your family is abundant and your biggest dreams come true”.
:: “These words do not come alone, they are accompanied by many hugs and infinite good wishes for you. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

Best birthday love messages for Messenger

:: “Put on the best of all your smiles, fill your heart with joy and in the company of all of us celebrate a Happy Birthday”.
:: “Everyday life gives you many beautiful gifts, some of them come in the form of hugs, others in the form of words of encouragement and some are very happy moments. Congratulations on your birthday!”
:: “This special day is only celebrated once every year, so I could not miss it for anything. With a big hug I wish you a Happy Birthday”.
:: “Surely you will receive beautiful gifts on this day, but the most special will be the moments you will share with those who love you. Happy Birthday!”
:: “Congratulations! Today you are commemorating another year of life and it is a reason to celebrate it with a lot of excitement, and may those good feelings accompany you every day”.Download super sweet birthday love wishes for friends

Birthday love messages for your beloved friends

:: “Many blessings in your day, May you have a long life, may your wishes come true and always fight for what makes you happy”.
:: “I wish that your heart be filled with happiness until it overflows and that this day is in your memory as one of the best. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”
:: “Our happy moments have been numerous like the grains of sand on the beach and it still await us many more. Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!”
:: “It is time to make a toast to your health so that success, love and prosperity abound every day of your existence. Congratulations on your birthday!”
:: “Thousands of blessings for your birthday! Have a nice day with yours and achieve everything you want to continue being our pride”.

Unique cute birthday wishes for my friends

:: “Today is a day to celebrate because life gives you another year. Live fully and may God always keep you healthy”.
:: “Happy Birthday to you! You are an extraordinary human being and because of your huge heart you deserve the best”.
:: “Thousands of congratulations on your birthday! You are an example of struggle and dedication, may God always inspire you and be your motivation”.
:: “Happy Birthday! May you be filled with blessings and may each of your dreams materialize”.
:: “Our childhood moments are stored in my heart like a treasure. My good friend, I wish you a very Happy Birthday”.
:: “On this special day I want to thank God and life for the privilege of knowing you. Congratulations on your birthday!”
With those beautiful words of congratulations for birthdays that you share with your friends and family, you will be having a nice touch that they will appreciate very much.
Take advantage of all the birthday notifications you receive to share original congratulatory texts.Best birthday love messages for Messenger

Download the best
happy birthday quotes for friends

We can express affection to others through a hug, but we can also do it through beautiful congratulatory messages during special dates.
Surely you want to say many things to the birthday boy, in addition to the usual greeting; well you can do it through the original Happy Birthday greetings that we bring you.
Choose the birthday congratulation phrases you want and that are more in line with your personality, use them to have a very original and special detail with the person entertained.

Love birthday messages to wish that special someone

:: “Celebrate this day as you deserve it, live many happy moments, receive beautiful gifts and enjoy the company of those you love most. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”
:: “What better day than this one to do what you have always wanted and to celebrate your existence in this world. Congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “I love that great ability you have to make me smile even in the toughest moments. Have a very Happy Birthday!”
:: “I send you all my love so that you have a Happy Birthday and best wishes so that all your days come full of blessings”.
:: “Celebrate this birthday as one of the best of your life and thus fill your heart with much happiness. Have a great time!”.Find sweetest birthday love letters

Download best birthday text messages & images

:: “One more year of life can also be a new beginning, an opportunity to achieve everything you want. Celebrate a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “Perhaps the best gift you receive on this day is being given to you by life itself, it is another year to enjoy next to those you love most. Congratulations!”
:: “This day is very important because it was a day like today when you were born, one of the best people I know. Happy Birthday!”
:: “I hope this day is full of many joys and that you enjoy in the company of all of us so that you have a Happy Birthday”.
:: “Your smile is a reflection of your youth that remains intact within your heart. Receive a cordial birthday greeting!”.

Find best happy birthday my love best wishes

:: “Congratulations on so many successes and happy moments that you have lived and that many more come to your life. Happy Birthday!”
:: “Receive lots of hugs for your birthday and may the happiness of this day be so great that it lasts until the next celebration”.
:: “Life is full of reasons to celebrate and this is one of the most important. Have a birthday full of endless happiness!”.
:: “You occupy a very special place in my heart and in my life because you are part of my family. Receive a big hug and my congratulations!”.
:: “With each year you meet your heart is filled with much more love and happiness. I wish you have a Happy Birthday!”Find cute and cute birthday wishes for friends

Send best happy birthday greetings by Messenger

:: “Age is something that does not count, with the passage of time we continue to be ourselves only with more wisdom, love and happiness. Have a nice birthday!”
:: “Happy Birthday! I wish that all your days come full of smiles, hugs, words of encouragement and above all a lot of love and happiness”.
:: “A person with a heart full of such goodness, as you are, deserves the best on his birthday. Have a lot of congratulations!”.
:: “With you I have learned many of the most valuable lessons of my life, that’s why I’m so proud to wish you a very Happy Birthday”.
:: “Thank you for making life by your side an endless adventure. Happy Birthday!”

Cute birthday messages – what to write on a card?

:: “I wish you many congratulations, May you receive many sincere greetings and best wishes from all of us. Have a great birthday!”.
:: “This day is perfect to forget your worries and look to the future with hope, with enthusiasm and especially with much optimism. Celebrate a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “How nice it is to be able to meet people like you and share even a little moment of life by your side. Happy Birthday!”
:: “It is a true blessing to have you in my life and enjoy your company. With all my heart I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “You are a person who really loves life and who enjoys everything he does, you are a true example for all of us. Happy Birthday!”
Gifts, cake and decorations cannot be missed in the celebration, but also the beautiful Happy Birthday words.
Surely every day you receive at least one birthday notification on the networks, so don’t forget to dedicate nice congratulatory phrases.Happy birthday love quotes for Facebook friends

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