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The magic of Christmas makes all sadness go away to give way to the joys of life, because Christmas unites hearts, therefore, today you will find in this article the most beautiful Christmas texts to send to your friends and family.
People prepare to receive the arrival of the Child God at Christmas, so we have created the most original Christmas phrases to share on Christmas Eve.
We hope that with these fine Christmas dedications you can express your deepest desires to those you most value, because Christmas is love.

Send cute Christmas messages:

:: “Let’s give more before receiving. Christmas brings a time to love and forgive your people, receive my sincere wishes and great prosperity. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “Merry Christmas for you and your whole family. Receive lots of hugs and sweet kisses on this Christmas Eve and be filled with prosperity”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “For you with much affection I sent my most sincere wishes of peace and prosperity on this Christmas. Receive a big hug”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “I hope for this Christmas that peace and joy are the motivations for you my dear friend. Receive a greeting from here and many compliments. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “The light of Bethlehem will illuminate your soul this Christmas, may all your wishes be fulfilled and may the blessings of the Child Jesus fill your home. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “May you have a Merry Christmas, that life gives you many surprises and that each path is of bliss. Hugs in this precious Christmas Eve”.
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New cute Christmas SMS:

:: “Merry Christmas with all my heart for a special person who teaches me day by day with his acts and decisions. I love you so much grandpa, May we share a beautiful Christmas”.
Category: Christmas greetings
:: “I hope that, as you read this message, you will feel the brightness of the light of Christmas and the radiant light of each of the stars may give you peace, love and happiness. I love you, Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas greetings
:: “May this precious Christmas come hand in hand with the happiness, harmony and peace that you deserve in your life. Receive a big hug. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas greetings
:: “Congratulations on this Christmas so that the angels, as they sing the carols, can replicate in your heart the most precious moments that we share together”.
Category: Christmas greetings
:: “Over the years we have learned that love is the foundation of every family, so my latent desire is that we always keep the flame of love burning in our home. Merry Christmas for everyone”.
Category: Christmas greetings
:: “The most precious days of the year are coming, celebrating the arrival of the Child Jesus will fill our hearts with great joy next to our neighbors. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas greetings
We finish this article with the most beautiful Christmas phrases to offer the best greetings in these holidays. Remember that to wish the best to our friends and family fills the soul with happiness, use these cute Christmas words to share with all those around you.

The best free Christmas quotes

The most beautiful and expected days of the year are those we share with our loved ones, but the time of love that brings together love, joy and peace is Christmas, that being said, you will find in this article beautiful Christmas expressions to exclaim your friends and family
Do not forget to add that with these fine Christmas poems you can sing the Child God composing Christmas carols with the children, so that the Christmas Eve is filled with harmony and love.
Then, we leave exclusive Christmas verses to declaim in such a precious night of joy, peace and happiness next to yours.

Beautiful Christmas Phrases:

:: “What a beautiful Christmas we will spend this year with the arrival of our beloved children who come from abroad. Thanks to the Child Jesus for granting us the joy of reuniting the whole family”.
Category: Christmas SMS
:: “For you with all my affection I express a few words of joy, so that this Christmas is the beginning of many opportunities for your personal and work life. Merry Christmas, a hug”.
Category: Christmas SMS
:: “Receive my deepest desire for prosperity so that this Good Night brings you blessing and light to your life. Merry Christmas Friend”.
Category: Christmas SMS
:: “The best wishes of sincerity, joy and love so that Christmas brings us closer and keeps us always united and happy. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas SMS
:: “Each little tree bombardment has a wish to be fulfilled throughout the year. That you share a beautiful Christmas in family”.
Category: Christmas SMS
:: “On this Christmas Eve listen to the melodies of the carols and fill yourself with the grace of the Child God so that it lodges in your soul, love and peace”.
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Download free Christmas phrases:

:: “With all the love I have for you, my most sincere desire is that Christmas opens your heart and lets go of the joy, and the love that so much need you. Merry Christmas sister”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “Memory of children we played with rocket boosters before turning 12, today I want that scenario is repeated to go back to our childhood years and return to be good friends before. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “On such a precious date, I long for all the friends to gather together to toast the arrival of the Child Jesus to our hearts. Merry Christmas for all”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “Each song that you raise to the Child God is a praise that will last in your future life. Let’s sing in unison with love and hope. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “With more love and less sadness, I am going to feel very happy on Christmas Eve when we see them all together in a happy family, smiling and giving us the good news. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “Many blessings will fall on your family at the arrival of Christmas. Let their hearts be glad and their loved ones enjoy their company. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
We finish these expressive Christmas texts to share with the dearest of their environment. We hope that in each word you will find the happiness and love that you wish to express, using the most original Christmas phrases to express your most recondite feelings of peace and love.

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