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Best Merry Christmas wishes
& greetings

Best Merry Christmas wishes and messages

What should I write in my family Christmas card? .What do you say to your friends at Christmas?.Christmas Eve is the most special event of the whole year as is the ideal moment to remember the birth of baby Jesus.

Unfortunately, nowadays it has been given a more commercial meaning to this special day.

Remind your loved ones the real meaning of this beautiful celebration by sharing with them any of the beautiful texts we offer you on the lines below, just post them on your wall.

Find best Whatsapp Christmas text messages

:: “I want you to have a wonderful Christmas and receive many gifts, not material ones, but those that come directly from heaven. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!”
Category: Christmas greetings for Facebook

:: “You are a great friend and we have spent incredible moments together this year. Now that Christmas is finally here, I want to send you a warm greeting to express my best wishes to you and your loved ones, I hope you enjoy pleasant moments during Christmas holidays”.
Category: Christmas greetings for Facebook

:: “May this Christmas be one of the most beautiful ones of your life and I hope you get to spend it with your whole family and remember the birth of baby Jesus”.
Category: Christmas greetings for Facebook

:: “I am really excited because we are about to celebrate Christmas, so I want to take this opportunity to send a warm greeting to all my friends and family, I love you very much and I wish you the best”.
Category: Christmas greetings for Facebook

:: “Our family is the most special gift God has given us, so let us all gather to celebrate this Christmas as a family and live unforgettable and happy moments together”.
Category: Christmas greetings for Facebook

Happy Merry Christmas wishes and short Christmas messages

:: “May wonderful feelings be present in your home not only for Christmas Eve, but also for the rest of the year so you always get to have the joy and peace that only our Lord can give us. I wish you the best!”
Category:Whatsapp Cristmas wishes for friends

:: “You know I appreciate you very much and that you are like a member of my family. I hope you have love, peace and joy throughout the year. I send you a big hug and wish you all the best”.
Category:Whatsapp Cristmas wishes for friends

:: “May we all feel united as clocks strike 12 this Christmas Eve and that our desire to remain united stay in our hearts forester. Happy Christmas Eve!”
Category:Whatsapp Cristmas wishes for friends

:: “I imagine all the fuss there must be at your home right now as your children must be very excited about Christmas Eve. I hope you live beautiful moments and may God bless you all”.
Category:Whatsapp Cristmas wishes for friends

:: “I am sad to be so far away from my home, my family and my friends for this Christmas, but I am making my dreams come true and that is what motivates me to keep on going. I send you all a big hug”.
Category:Whatsapp Cristmas wishes for friends

:: “I wish you the very best on this Christmas; may it be a day of celebration and gathering with all your loved ones. May God bless you now and always”.
Category:Whatsapp Cristmas wishes for friends

Do not forget to share some of the texts above with your closest friends and family, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Special Christmas sayings
for Facebook wall

On Christmas we want to greet all friends and family, but sometimes lack of time makes it impossible to visit them all. On Christmas Eve most of us are busy.

We have to go to the mall and meetings, visit our relative, and help prepare Christmas dinner and so many other things that make the day shorter.
Fortunately, thanks to internet and social networks like Facebook, we can send our best Christmas wishes to all our contacts.

Do you want to send a Christmas message to your Facebook friends? In this article there is a list of Christmas Eve greetings for Facebook. Post these Christmas Eve greetings on your friends’ walls. This is a nice way of saying Merry Christmas.

Find best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings

:: “Merry Christmas Eve to all. May all of you and your loved ones have a real Christmas tonight with peace and love”.
Category : Messenger Christmas greetings

:: “Have a Merry Christmas, share this Christmas Eve with your family and be happy to be together”.
Category : Messenger Christmas greetings

:: “This greeting is to wish you a Merry Christmas Eve. Although you are far away from home, baby Jesus will still visit you. Welcome him with love”.
Category : Messenger Christmas greetings

:: “Let us make this a Merry Christmas Eve for all by sharing with those in need. That will make God glad”.
Category : Messenger Christmas greetings

:: “Have a Merry Christmas Eve wherever you are, and a loving greeting to all those who are with you. Merry Christmas”.
Category : Messenger Christmas greetings

:: “To have a Merry Christmas go to each of your loved ones and tell them how much you love them and how happy you are to have them with you now. Merry Christmas Eve for all”.
Category : Messenger Christmas greetings

Find best Happy Christmas wishes for friends

:: “This Christmas Eve let us celebrate baby Jesus has come once more to this world to teach as that love for our fellow humans is the most important thing. Merry Christmas Eve to each of you, my dear friends”.
Category :Christmas greetings for friends

:: “When Christmas Eve comes, go to a window and looking at sky ask baby Jesus for more people to be fortunate enough to spend this day with their families. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas greetings for friends

:: “Today leave work stress aside and just have a nice time with your family. That is what baby Jesus wants for you and the whole world”.
Category :Christmas greetings for friends

:: “Christmas Eve, a perfect night to express affection for your family, to forgive those who failed you and to forget past mistakes”.
Category :Christmas greetings for friends

:: “Christmas is the best day in the year because everybody has a soft heart and a child’s smile can make our spirit peaceful. Merry Christmas Eve”.
Category :Christmas greetings for friends

:: “My Christmas wish is that all my friends spend this night with their loved ones. Merry Christmas Eve. Have a good time”.
Category :Christmas greetings for friends

We hope these Christmas Eve greetings for Facebook help you express your best Christmas wishes for all your friends.

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