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Sweet love messages
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Download cute romantic messages & pics to share with my love

Looking for sweet text messages for your girlfriend ? There is no woman in this world who is not fascinated to hear a phrase full of lots of romance. Therefore, if you want the love your girlfriend has for you to grow more and more every day, you should surprise her with some nice words that come directly from your heart.
In this section we offer you a list of cute texts you can dedicate to your girlfriend through whatever means you prefer, either an instant messaging application, one of the social networks, a text message or a note decorated with great creativity.

Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “You are the most beautiful woman of all, every time I see you coming in the distance, your unmistakable beauty makes you stand out among the others”.
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:: “You are the perfect complement for my heart to feel full because beside you my happiness is total”.
Category: Whatsapp love texts messages
:: “You are not only with me during the day, but also at night you accompany in my dreams making me feel like as if I was in heaven”.
Category: Whatsapp love texts messages
:: “You broke into my heart sneaking in and you took my love. That was the best you could have done because now we are immensely happy”.
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Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger

Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “I closed the doors to love until you came and with a sweet look you opened them completely to enter triumphant into my heart. You are wonderful”.
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:: “The best thing that has happened in my whole life is not just having met you, but also having managed to conquer your love”.
Category: I love you texts for my girlfriend
:: “I am so happy because between many suitors you chose me and since then we live a beautiful love story, you are my greatest treasure”.
Category: I love you texts for my girlfriend
:: “You are so beautiful that there are not enough words in any language to describe all your beauty”.
Category: I love you texts for my girlfriend

Best text messages to make her fall in love with you

Free download love cards with romantic quotes for WhatsApp

:: “I had never experienced for anyone else this intense love I feel for you, I can tell you my love for you is true and that you are the first woman whom I love with all my heart”.
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:: “I never imagined it could be possible to feel so much love and you are responsible for awakening all these feelings in my heart, you really have me crazy in love with you”.
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:: “You are unique in the entire universe and I am the luckiest man in the world for knowing you and even more for having your love in my life”.
Category: Whatsapp romantic quotes
:: “I thought I was a happy man being single, but when you came into my life I realized that beside you happiness is complete, you are the most incredible thing happened to me in my existence”.
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Cute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp

Thank you for sharing your love with me text messages

:: “No matter how many years go by, you will see that my love for you will become even bigger. In truth I can tell you that you and I are made for each other”.
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:: “Nothing would make me happier in this world than being able to continue sharing our love forever, our love story will be the most beautiful one in the whole world”.
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:: “I love showing you with nice details how great my love for you is, actually nothing makes me happier in life than seeing you smile”.
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Download sweet I miss you quotes for WhatsApp
:: “The love between the two of us is the most wonderful thing there is. I love you and I will love you forever because you are the most special person to me in the world”.
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:: “With a touch, a hug and a kiss I can feel all the love there is between the two of us, you have really changed my life completely, I am now very happy with you”.
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When your girlfriend receives any of these phrases she will feel very happy and want to thank you for such a nice detail, because she really loves you. Do not forget that in this webpage we have many romantic texts you can share with her, so come back for more.

Sweet & romantic messages for girlfriend for WhatsApp
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