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Nice birthday letter for my sister

Find best happy birthday whatsapp text messages
Looking for best birthday letters ? One of the most important dates for your sister is her birthday, so it would be nice if you to write a message telling her all those feelings you have for her and what you want for her in her life.
Don’t you know how to write a message for your sister on her birthday? Lines below you will find two models of messages to dedicate to your sister on her birthday.
You can choose the one that satisfies you most and be sure that she will love you for writing on her Facebook wall or via Twitter or you can also add it into a birthday card for her and written by yourself.

happy birthday my sweetheart Whatsapp love messagesModel 1 of a birthday letter for my sister

From: Elena
To: Veronica
Hello dear sister:
I write this letter because you are a very special person, I love you most and I today, the day of your birthday, I want to express everything I feel for you.
You have been always my little sister who I wanted to care and teach forever. Thanks to you I never felt alone, I knew you would always be there next to me ready to play and spend time as you were still my confidant. Always when traveling with our parents we were staying together always watching each other.
Such love we have has grown so much through the day today, I am so happy because you are a noble and intelligent woman, and as much as father and mother, I am also very happy for having a sister as you are.
I wish you to have much joy and may God always light your way, you are a great girl and you are still very young, I hope that by the side of the love you have chosen, you grow as a person, learn from it and above all fulfill their goals.
You are always going to be my little girl, the, the most conceited in the family, always remember I can carry you with me and you in my heart. Happy birthday dear sister.
I hope they will be many more to come.
I love you little sister.

what to say to my boyfriend on her birthday Model 2 of a birthday letter for my sister

From: Adrian
To: Daphne
Hi Daphne:
I write because today is your birthday and I want you to know that I love you and I want you to know that you are the best thing I have in life.
I was always your little brother who you always wanted to take care of. You defended me from older children and above all, you gave me a lot of love, you looked like my mother. I have the strong and persevering sister anyone may have had, it’s you.
You left something engraved in my mind and it was that you always have said that it is basic to love yourself before love others. It was so useful and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.
If you had not existed it would have been from my childhood, my adolescence and my youth, you were always there in good times and bad.
I want this relationship we have to never change and anyone or anything make you change the beautiful person you are. I know that God enlighten your path provided celebrating many years of life together. We all adore you sister.

send romantic birthday poems for her by Whatsapp

Birthday love messages
and romantic cards

Looking for best birthday greetings ? .Life surrounds us with family and friends, which invites us to share pleasant moments like a birthday. In this article we offer you nice birthday greetings to dedicate to your loved ones.
What we want in this opportunity is that you find the right message for your friend’s birthday. We invite you to download beautiful birthday thoughts to share with friends and family.
Remember that on this website you can also download short and effusive birthday SMS to send by WhatsApp and in this way you can express your appreciation and esteem to those who have the happiness of celebrating their birthday.

Download cute birthday love wordings for Facebook friends

:: “You were always very dear and appreciated by all your friends, so today we all remember you very fondly. Hugs and Happy Birthday”.
:: “Receive from the heart many hugs and kisses of friendship to wish you a great year, full of hopes and many blessings. Congratulations on your day”.
:: “My most pleasant wish for this special date is that you would share your day with the ones you most appreciate, that you would be very happy and would have a nice day”.
:: “For me, you will always be the cautious, mature and responsible person and also who has a special place in my life. With much love, I wish you to have a Happy Birthday”.
:: “On this special day, I hope you share with me moments of happiness and joy because our love has united us in one heart. Happy Birthday my life”.

find romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend
Download best birthday love wishes for Messenger friends

:: “As in the past, I want you to be the protagonist of the night because today we just want to celebrate big on your birthday. Congratulations”.
:: “For you with lots of love, I hope that this would be your great year, that you may find someone to make you happy, reach your goals and live with joy and love all your days”.
:: “One more year of life, time to fulfill a promise or achieve one more dream. Receive my most pleasant greeting in your day. Congratulations”.
:: “Make a wish for your birthday, you will see that, in the course of this new year, you will get to be very successful if you really intend it. Happy Day”.

Find best happy birthday text to boyfriendSweet and touching I love you birthday Whatsapp text messages

:: “Congratulations to you, with a lot of love and esteem we are remembering you and wish you have a great time. Happy Birthday”.
:: “I love your joy and good soul, may your sympathy would last for the length of your life. Happy Birthday, beautiful friend”.
:: “Today in your day we send you many positive vibes, we love to see you happy. Many hugs for you dear friend”.
:: “Many congratulations on this special day. May you would enjoy your party very much in the company of all those who love you. Happy Birthday my friend”.

Download birthday love picture & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “I am sure that you will have a very intense day for the greetings and attentions of all those of us who appreciate you. Enjoy a lot, we wish you the best! Happy Birthday”.
:: “May this new year be special and timely to achieve your dreams, and that of course they would be fully fulfilled. Happy Birthday”.
:: “Happy Birthday, are the sincere wishes of those who appreciate you. We wish that harmony and peace would reign in your home”.
:: “Time passes, but our friendship is still latent and must continue forever. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, have a great day”.

Find sweet birthday love wordings for my boyfriend WhatsappBirthday love cards with romantic quotes for WhatsApp

:: “I treasure your friendship and all that brings this beautiful relationship that unites us in good times and bad, support will always be unconditional. Happy Birthday”.
:: “My most sincere wish is that your dreams are fulfilled, you just will need a lot of patience and wisdom. Finally, you will see that you will achieve it. Happy Birthday”.
:: “In this new year of life I would like to wish you many successes and congratulations. Celebrate big, enjoy a lot, we love you. Happy Birthday”.
:: “May this birthday be more beautiful than the previous one. Receive many hugs and kisses from those who appreciate you very much. Happy Birthday”.
We leave you very beautiful birthday thoughts to share with friends or family, so you would send a pleasant greeting.
Remember that you will always be welcome to this website to download new birthday texts to use as messages for your loved ones.

download birthday greetings for your boyfriend

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