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Life goes by so fast and, in the blink of an eye, our children have grown up and are ready to be adults, start their own lives and spread their wings.

A very important milestone in a young woman’s life is when she turns fifteen and, traditionally, is considered to be the beginning of adulthood. To mark this moment, today we bring you love messages to wish happy 15th birthday to your daughter.find best birthday wishes 15 year old

Love phrases to wish
happy 15th birthday

:: “My love, can you believe that today is your fifteenth birthday? I feel like time has flown by and now I have a woman in front of my eyes. I wish you all the happiness in the world”.
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:: “I want you to know that I am incredibly proud of you and I love you very much and I hope that today you have a blast on your 15th birthday. I love you very much and I hope that this day will be truly unforgettable”.
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:: “Happy birthday to the apple of my eye, my beloved daughter and the prettiest of them all. I love you very much, my dear daughter, I hope you have a wonderful day”.
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:: “It is not every day you turn 15, so today I want you not to worry about anything and to be very happy. Always keep in mind how much we love you and that you are the prettiest girl”.
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Happy 15th birthday greetings

:: “Your birthday is a very special day, so make the most of every second as if it were your last. I send you a big kiss and my best wishes on your day, I love you dearly, my beautiful daughter!”.
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:: “I remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday. You have no idea how much your Dad and I were waiting for you. You came to bring us the most beautiful joys of all. Happy birthday, my love!”.
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:: “Happy 15th birthday to the prettiest, kindest and smartest girl I know. You always make us smile and amuse everyone. I love you so much, baby. Lots of love!”.
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:: “You have always been the light that guides my path and the reason why I wake up every day with the desire to conquer the world. I love you, dear, and I wish you a very happy birthday”.
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Happy 15th birthday wishes

:: “Happy 15th birthday, my love! Thanks to you I am a fulfilled mother, happy and proud to have such an amazing little person like you as my daughter. I love you from here to the moon, many kisses!”.
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:: “I know you will achieve great things, because you have an amazing potential and a great strength to fight to reach your goals. I wish you a beautiful and love-filled birthday. Xoxo!”.
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:: “Happy birthday to the prettiest of them all! You are an exemplary student, a dream daughter and my greatest treasure. I send you a huge kiss and wish you the best on your day”.
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:: “I knew you were special since I saw you for the first time and you became the love of my life. Because of you I am a mother, and I will always want the best for you. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter!”.
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Happy 15th birthday messages

:: “I wish you a magical birthday, full of joys, surprises and gifts that you will love. Thank you for being a model daughter. I love you very much, precious little daughter, never forget it”.
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:: “Daughter, today is your 15th birthday and I feel like time has flown by and it seems like only yesterday you were just a little girl. Best wishes to you on your day. I love you very much”.
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:: “Happy birthday, dear! You are now 15 and I can already tell that there are great things coming your way. I love you very much and always will. Xoxo!”.
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:: “For you I feel like overcoming all the obstacles that stand in my way, because you deserve everything I can give you. Happy birthday, my love, I wish you all the best”.
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Happy 15th birthday Princess

:: “I am proud that you’re becoming a lady. I hope this birthday to become a memorable one for you. Remember I will always be for you, supporting you in everything you need. Happy birthday, my daughter!
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:: “Fifteen years are met only once in life and I know this has been a highly anticipated moment for you. Daughter, you are my pride and I hope that this day gets even better and the most special to you.

I love you and want you to know I’ll always be by your side to take care and look for your dreams. Happy Birthday! ”
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:: “Today you begin a new life full of new experiences which I know you will know how to harness and enjoy. I will guide you if you lose your way and advice you if you feel confused. You will remain being my beautiful girl forever. Happy Birthday!
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What should I write in my daughters
15th birthday card ?

:: “Have a happy fifteen years my princess. Today we will all be with you to celebrate this special day. I want you to feel the love all around you and know that today is your day and it will be unforgettable. ”
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:: “This day is your day and I hope that this holiday becomes as you dreamed since childhood. While you fulfill fifteen or thirty years, always be my princess and I will always take care of you as you are my greatest treasure. I’m proud of you and I hope I live to see you meet life over many years. Congratulations daughter! ”
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:: “There are no words to tell you how happy and proud we feel of you daughter. All we want is that this day becomes one of the happiest and the dreams that you have in mind are met. Happy fifteen years my daughter!
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Happy 15th birthday speech

:: “Each day you will stop being the little girl who loved butterflies and ponies. Now you are a young lady and I can not help but shed some tears of joy.

You are my grand love my daughter and I will always be by your side, you will always have a place to return to. Happy Birthday! ”
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:: “I hope this day is as perfect as you want. I wish your fifteen years to be magical and you feel all the love we’ve put into this party. You are and always will be our little girl. Congratulations daughter! ”
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:: “Have a happy birthday, my daughter! Only you inspire me to say these words full of love and illusion. Love, because I feel a great love and enthusiasm and illusion because I have the illusion of seeing you getting very far. I love you. ”
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Use these beautiful love messages to wish your daughter a beautiful 15th birthday celebration. Do not miss the opportunity to remind her how much you love her and that she is the most special little woman in your life.

We are sure that the cute phrases we have brought you today will help you send her a beautiful message. Come back soon for more free and original content!What should I write in my sister's 15 birthday card?

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