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Life is unique and people who go through our life too, that is why it is important not to get upset about life; it is a waste of time. Moreover if if it is our partner.

Being faithfully convinced, that we must live fully, it is important that you give your partner a phrase to cut out the displeased time, and enjoy completely your relationship.

These lines are created especially for you, so you can reconcile with your partner. It is important, that you feel them, enjoy them and can devote them from the heart.

Download free Reconciliation phrases:

– “I can give you my heart if you wish, you already have it, but the only thing I want you to know is that I love you infinitely and that I hate that we are fighting”.
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– “Love, I do not like that we are disgusted, yes we have such a good time when we are happy, do not you want that happiness back? Come on, let’s talk. “
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– “I want you to know that my life does not make any sense if we are upset. I feel that my life lacks something, however, I feel that this relationship is stronger. “
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– “You are the secret ingredient of my life, the one I always wanted, but it is impossible to continue with my life if we are still fighting. I thought it will be something of a day, but I ask you to solve things soon. “
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– “Dear, I do not want you to continue to be upset, the light of your eyes has no joy since then, and my heart goes without any sense. That’s why, today I want us to talk, and solve this problem. “
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– “The moments with you are unique, but now that we are far away, nothing makes any sense. I want you to know, that everything is more worthwhile if we are both happy and in agreement. “
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– “Nothing is more important than speaking and solving things soon, because our hearts shine more strongly when they are together as they are in synchrony. I love you”.
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– “It is important that you know, that I love you very much even though you are angry, you are the engine of my life, and I feel that every time we are angry, we lose a day of happiness. I love you so much”.
Category: Reconciliation messages

– “Put all the energy of the universe in solving things, it is important that we do it talking, being distanced we do not achieve anything. I love you so much”.
Category: Reconciliation messages

– “The importance of relationships lies in the ability of couples to communicate and solve problems even the smallest ones. I love you a lot”.
Category: Reconciliation messages

– “It is nice to know that you exist in my life, and every moment that we are away, it is a constant torture. That’s why I’m writing to you, so we can talk, and solve this. I love you”.
Category: Reconciliation messages

– “I wish you always have in mind, how much I love you, life without a doubt would not be the same if we did not have each other. We are a great team. Come on, forgive me! “
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Did you like the shared phrases? We really hope that the answer is yes, and that you can reconcile soon with your partner. Be happy always, being upset is a waste of time.

Reconciliation model letter

In a relationship it is not all rosy colour. Although there is love between the two partners, there will always be problems and fights that if not handled in a mature and healthy way, will end up in wounds and resentment between the life partners.

Gradually, the relationship will increasingly have big problems if the couple does not talk with the truth and try to figure out what is going wrong. At the end, they end up breaking up the relationship that could have lasted longer and could have made the two of them very happy.

The last opportunity that you could have to get back together with that person and to ask for one more chance is through a letter of reconciliation.

A letter is a neat way to express what you feel and explain the reasons why you think you should give it another try.

Up next we offer you a sample letter of reconciliation you can use or use it to inspire yourself and make one of your own.

Free reconciliation model letter:

Hello my love:

I hope you do not mind me calling you that. For me you will always be my love, my hope and my hope for a better life. For me you will always be the girl who stole my heart and the one I never wanted to hurt, I want to spend my entire life with you.

I know there have been many things, many things that I made you go through and that you made me go through that hurt us both, unintentionally by misunderstandings, disagreements and so many more that we should not have allowed to affect our relationship.

I love you too much to realize that I should not let go this opportunity that life gives me, this love that I know that if I let you go will never return. I do not want to lose you, I will fight for you until the last of my days, and I want to do everything possible to get back to being happy again with you.

I love you, I miss you a lot and I apologize for everything I said to you, for all the pain and tears I made you spill. I also apologize for everything that happened. I want you to give us a second chance. I know you love me too, but pride will not let you tell me. That is why I take the first step and I venture to say I love you.

I take risks because I do not know if you will forget everything and start over. My heart is in your hands when I write all of this to you. You know I understand if you cannot leave everything behind but that will destroy me and it will be very difficult to recover. And I tell you not to feel sorry but to understand that this relationship is still very important to me despite everything that happened.

I shall be waiting for your decision with my soul on the line. I love you and I will love you forever. Sorry once again for everything I said. I did not think what I said and it is not what my heart wants. I just want to love you and make you happy my love.

We hope this letter has helped you make your own and that you get a second chance with your love.

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