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Free birthday phrases & quotes to share with your loved ones

Many people look forward to the arrival of their birthday; others, however, feel sorry because it is a sign that they are aging. It is important that people realize that having another year of life is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to them.

Aging means that you have one more year of experience, of challenges that have been achieved, of adventures and stories to tell your grandchildren. There are people who struggle daily to survive, and those who are lucky enough to live without fighting should be grateful and celebrate more, because life is short and it ends before we know it.



Help to spread this message, get your friends and dear people realize how lucky they are and express them your best wishes through a phrase as the ones you will find below. There is no cost and you can always use technology to send them; for example, through WhatsApp or Facebook.

Download best birthday greetings for my love one :

:: “I would have liked to be present on the day of your birth, but considering that I was only a few days old, it was not possible for me to achieve it. But today that we are together and we can celebrate in style the arrival of your special day, because you deserve the best in the world and all the affection of the people who love you. My goal is for you to enjoy to the fullest and for you to thank heaven that you are healthy and for all the possibilities that you have. I love you, happy birthday, my friend”.
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:: “I cannot believe that 22 years have passed already since I heard you crying for the first time that afternoon at the clinic. When I held you in my arms, it was the perfect ending after nine months of waiting. I finally felt complete, finally I needed nothing else because I had you and you were mine. Happy birthday, dear son, I love you more that you could ever imagine”.
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:: “It has been 15 springs since we met, since we are inseparable, since we grow every day together. I was told that having children was going to be difficult, but I have noticed it is a complication worthwhile, because the rewards do not have precedents. I love you and you are my main source of pride, do not doubt it”.
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:: “I think that in my past life I must have been a saint, because I cannot explain otherwise the fact of being so lucky in this life that I live now. One of the main reasons why I thank the Lord before I go to sleep is because I have you and because by your side, I learn something new every day. May you have the greatest birthday of all, I wish you well today and forever, my darling”.
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:: “I thank the Lord for giving me so much time with you. I can only Him for it to be much longer, because I love to see how you keep growing and venturing through life, my sweet little granddaughter. Today we celebrate your day and you cannot imagine how happy I feel. I hope you like the surprise I have prepared for you; I know it is your favorite. A big kiss and my best wishes on your birthday, I love you dearly”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my love one

:: “My life, how nice it is to be with someone as beautiful as you, a person who is beautiful inside and out. Today I surprised you with breakfast in bed, but I want you to be alert, because that was just one of the surprises that I have prepared for you today. In addition to wishing you a happy birthday, I want to thank you for your love. A giant kiss and all the love in the world. I love you more than life itself and I hope that you never forget that”.
Category :Birthday greetings for my love one

Let us seize the birthday of the beloved person to pamper and give them all of our love. Remember it is very nice to receive tokens of affection from the people that we love, people who have nothing but love for us. Come back soon, remembering that we are always updating our content to bring you nothing but the best. 

romantic happy birthday wishes for her,romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend,romantic birthday poems for herNice birthday’s letters for my girlfriend

Your girlfriend’s birthday is an important date in which you can show her how much you love her and tell her how happy you are by her side.

Aside from a cute gift, a good alternative would give to give her a nice letter expressing your joy for spending with her another year in her life and the love that she inspires you. Girls like this kind of details as they appear tender.

To help you, we have prepared two models of cards for this occasion. Copy them or get inspired by them to make your own. Give the card to her with your gift and see that she will feel excited.



Example 1 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend:

Happy birthday beautiful!

I am very happy to celebrate this special day with you. And I appreciate knowing you. You are an amazing girl and I love you like I never thought I could. I love seeing you happy, to see you smile and I will do my best to make you happy forever.

I hope that this year is one of the best for you. I will do everything to make it so. You are very important in my life, you are the one who gives joy to my days.



I would love to give you everything you want, I would like to be like the genie in the story to fulfil all your desires because you deserve it. Despite not being able to do that, I want you to know that the gift I give you I give it to you with all my heart.

Know that I love you and that I give you the gift of my love not only today but every day because my love is unconditional, unlimited I want to give it to you all the days of my life.

Today you just worry about being happy. I love you.

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Example 2 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend:


I hope this day is unforgettable for you. All the ones who love you will be by your side, especially me because I love you too much. I want to spend all day with you and make you the happiest girl in the world. This day is your day and I want to make it memorable for you.

Since I met you I have been very happy and I can only thank and ask God to give you many more years of life. I want to join you, support you in everything, love you, pamper you and grow with you my love. I hope that what we dream comes true when you blow out the candles on your cake.

Whatever happens, my love for you will still be special. I will keep watching you and keep hoping year after year that you have a great birthday.

You are the girl I always dreamed about and who I will always love. I wish you a happy birthday my love.

Example 3 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend:

Happy birthday love,

There are no words that can express how much I love you and how happy I am to see you celebrate another birthday. Every year with you is special and I love knowing that you are the owner of my heart. I promise to continue making you happy every day and keep on loving you till the end of my days. May you receive on this day many gifts and many signs of affection. Other gift I have prepared for you, as always, is my heart and all the love that I have for you.

Never forget that I love you and that I give it all for you. For seeing you happy I give what I have and what I do not have. Happy Birthday my love, I love you.

We hope that these three models of letters have been helpful to you. Be inspired by them and create a single output card from your heart for this special day in your girlfriend’s life who is expecting many samples of your love.


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