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Your closest companions have become engaged after years in a relationship, or they will finally get married soon, surely you’ve been close to them almost since the beginning and since they have taken the decision to take that important step, you would like to tell them how pleased and happy you are because they will join their lives before an altar. Share all that joy through beautiful phrases containing all the joy that comes over their courtship. Here we offer you a list of the best phrases choose the one you like the most and share it with the happy couple. You’ll see they will love them.
Free list of messages for my friends who will wed soon:
:: “As soon as I saw you together I realized that you are made for each other and after a long time I can see that I was right. What I love most about your relationship is seeing how the deep love and great respect you both have for each other has been strengthened over time. I wish you success in your life”.
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:: “It’s a joy to be able to witness how beautiful your love is, thank you for all the moments we’ve spent together because I love seeing the happiness with which you live your relationship. I wish you with all my heart the best in this new phase of your lives”.
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:: “You are a beautiful unique couple in the world and I am very happy to be your friend. You know you can count on me whenever you need, I will always be there for you. Congratulations to the cutest couple in the world”.
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:: “It has been a wonderful experience for me to be friends with such a pretty, mature and admirable couple. I wish you much love, much peace and many congratulations. I cannot wait to live a relationship like the one you have. I love you so much”.
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:: “May happiness overcome your lives, you deserve it for being such fighters and managing to maintain a strong bond despite adversity. Remember that you have in me a very special friend which you can always count on”.
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:: “That in the midst of this world where love has grown cold there is a couple so full of love, affection and sweetness fills me with hope. Please continue to strengthen this beautiful love you have for each other so you can have many years of happiness and many successes throughout this life. Congratulations to you both”.
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:: “God made it possible for your paths to cross and for love to be born between you two, you’ve managed to cultivate that love and harvest its fruits knowing that you are right for each other. It’s my deepest wish that your love is eternal, that you know to overcome adversity and that you live many moments filled with a lot of happiness. Success in this new phase of your life and congratulations for the wise decision you made. With love, your friend”.
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We hope you liked these phrases for your friends who recently got engaged.
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