Top PC maintenance utilities

What are the best computer maintenance programs ? It is very common to find problems in the operating system, whether for reasons of virus attacks or damage caused by software upgrades and installations. That is why next we will make mention of the best maintenance programs to improve the stability of your computer. Tune up …

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How to assemble a PC

Tips for Assembling your Custom PC : Nowadays, we see that assembled computers are been sold everywhere or if you already have a PC, salesmen give you the possibility of adding certain components to your equipment so you can improve it or so you can chance some pieces that are out of date and, in …

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How to recover deleted files

Sometimes, we delete or erase documents in our hard drive and then realize how important they were; that is when we need to get them back to use it again. In order to achieve this, there are various programs that can be used to effect the restoration, a good option is an application called Restoration. …

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Danger of Peer to Peer nets

Dangers of downloading files through Peer to Peer nets : Nowadays, Internet has become a mass costume, making it almost impossible to move forward without tasks without using a PC with Internet connection. But this, at the same time, has certain disadvantages, because there are more and more the dangers that surfing in the Internet …

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