Last modified 10/05/2023

Which are the best free Firewalls for windows 7?

The computers are very exposed to suffer severe damages on the system caused by the attacks of many viruses.

When you count with the internet service, it is highly recommendable to install a good antivirus, which will help us to be protected against the menace of any bad user or pirate trying to enter into our operational system without authorization. Some of the perfect complements for the antivirus programs are the firewalls, because these help to keep the privacy on the network. Basically, these complements try to avoid the unwanted connections while the user navigates through the internet. For that reason, next we will make mention of the best free firewalls for the operational system Window 7.

Comodo Firewall : Is a counter-fire of absolutely high quality, because it can protect the user from possible attacks of viruses while he navigates through internet. Its interface is simple and easy to handle. It also counts with advanced options to adjust the security level so the user will be able to choose the correct for the computer. Besides it counts with an anti-malware tool to eliminate and block any possible filtration.

Ashampoo Firewall Free Edition : Is another program which allows the user to increase the security on the computer. It actually is an ideal tool for the rookie level users, because it has an interface really easy to use. This firewall is accepted by many users because it has a good execution and the efficiency when some operations have to be developed.

PC Tools Firewall plus Free Edition : Counts with all the necessary tools to be considered as a good counter-fire. One of its principal characteristics is the really quick localization of external agents which want to communicate with our computer. This software blocks automatically the unknown networks, so after doing that it can process with the respective analysis.

ZoneAlarm Free : Is a good application with an absolutely recognized name on the firewalls market. It offers tools to detect and block unknown connections; likewise it can deny the access to some applications if the user chooses that option as a principal requirement for the computer.

Online Armor Free is the kind of tools that will keep the user informed about the possible menaces on the network. It also allows the user to adjust the security levels to keep any kind of worms and Trojans away for the computer.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free : Is the latest firewall released to the market, this kind of program counts with a great compatibility with the Windows 7. It can be executed automatically on a second plane in the system. One of its great advantages is that it consumes just a few resources and its interface is really easy to handle.

Windows Firewall is the counter-fire predetermined by the same operational system Windows 7. Many users consider this tools as one of the best, because year after years, it has been improving and evolving become the safest and quickest program for the computer’s protection ever created. The behavior of this software is really quietly through the system and it blocks efficiently any rare behavior on the operational system.

Finally, it is highly recommendable to complement correctly the firewall with a really good antivirus, because this will help to detect and eliminate any strange agent on our computer. The firewalls will block any suspicious movement in the computer, while the antivirus will analyze and eliminate, if it is necessary, the infected document or virus like a worm, a Trojan or a computer pirate.

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