Last modified 10/09/2023

Tips for Assembling your Custom PC :

pc1Nowadays, we see that assembled computers are been sold everywhere or if you already have a PC, salesmen give you the possibility of adding certain components to your equipment so you can improve it or so you can chance some pieces that are out of date and, in that way, you are able to renew your old – fashioned PC. Let’s remember that the Moore law, but if you like construct or build your own stuff, there is nothing better than assembling your own computer; anyway, it is always good to know certain basic aspects of your PC.

Let’s begin with the computer’s brain, the processor. Currently, the processing level a processor has, is vital to execute different tasks in a shorter period of time, this is very important when working on projects than involve the edition of multimedia material, office automation projects, complex calculations, internet navigation, etc. To be able to achieve this, we have to choose an adequate processor; as many people already know, there are two brands that make microprocessors: Intel and AMD. The first one, according to many tests performed, is the best one in developing tasks that require a complex processing; however, it has some problems when adjusting the level or energy it requires for its processes. The second one has a slower processing speed and does not spend that much energy, it is pretty good for graphics. But there is a meaningful difference between them, which is the price; if you want decent processor it should have, at least, two cores, whichever the brand might be, Intel Core Duo or AMD 64×2, in any case it will be a good choice.

On the second place we find the power source. Before doing everything, you should have an idea of how much energy you are planning to spend on your base plaque; also, if you are going to depend a lot on the amount of devices we are going to install, meaning optic units, burners, hard drives, etc. Usually, the power sources chosen are above the 500 watts, in such way that there is enough energy for it all.

A good Case must also be chose, which is the box in which all the components are going to be installed. The important thing about the case is for it to have a good design for the ventilation, because there are motherboards that require more space and ventilation than others. It is also important not forgetting to leave enough space to support the amount of devices we want to install.

A very important component of the PC is the motherboard, which is the support in which all the PC’s devices are going to be installed. Among the best motherboards there are, the Asus models stand out; however, there are other low – prices motherboards that work almost as well as the Asus ones, such as Gigabyte GA – K8N Pro – SLI.

Finally, let’s not forget to have a hard drive with capacities above the 150 GB of the Sata 3 type; this is important because nowadays information is heavier. But you should not be worried about it, because there are very economic models which have a very good quality. It is also essential to remember that it is basic to have at least 2 GB of RAM memory; it is better to choose 1 RAM card of 2 GB than two of 1 GB each, because if in the future we want to increase our RAM memory, we would have a slot available.

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