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backup Backups, also known as a safety copy, are a process in which the user saves the information in a way in which it will be saved in some store device and which is technologically available, like, for example: a CD – ROM, Blue Ray, virtual discs or just in the hard drive, this is done for cases in which information is lost, so it is easily recovered.

Backups are usually used for some mess that occurs in our operative system; it can be whether for a virus or for an accidental erase of our system’s files, and another reason to use backups is that they are useful to restore files that have been deleted or accidentally damaged. Also, in companies or businesses, backups have a very important roll, because, besides from been very useful, they are mandatory, because some tax agencies require this information as a budget control, they are usually magnetic tapes, but for common information floppy discs are used, or CD – ROMs, zip discs, flash driver, or some backup media in the internet.

The concept of storing data has to have an strategy of how it is going to be organized, because it has to be stored according to certain criteria; in order to do this, a paper sheet can be used, recording it as an INVENTARIO, in which the recording date can be stored, some even contain a sophisticated data base.

But you can also use software which are dedicated to this purpose but for domestic usage, because software of higher level are intended for more advanced levels and a little complicated to set, let’s start with Acronis True Image, this program is useful to create an exact copy of the hard drive, or also just a part of it, and it allows you to instantly restore the machine with the operative system, your applications and your data. Besides, you can also store your music, videos, photos, e – mails, contacts, scheduled tasks, etc. You can download it from this link :

Another program that is very good is the Norton Ghost 12, this program is a suite which has many tools, among which we can find an increasing backup copy, advanced compression and codification, and it has a good treatment towards restoration points. To be able to download it go you simply have to go to the following link:

Another very important program to do backups is the Roxio Backon Track, it stands out for been very simple, but its problem is that it removed certain functions, you can also add files and, in the same way, organize them in categories, such as subjects, which can be about music, photos, videos, etc. The restoration process is done in a very simple way, you just have to go to the icon of file restoration and indicate the route in which the backup was saved, you can download it from here  :

Now file loses are in the past, because with these very useful programs it is very easy to do backups.

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