Last modified 10/09/2023

screesaverA screensaver is a type of immobile picture that can be added into your screen’s settings and is activates when there are long periods of inactivity in the keyboard or in the mouse. This picture does not modify nor changes the information in the desktop, the only thing it does is cover it and do not exhibits it. The screensaver’s most important task is to save the screen’s energy and prevent it from wearing out due to its unnecessary usage. Even though nowadays they are used with a fun purpose, they provide security to the information, because it can be set up to have a keyboard every time the screensaver is activated and it will ask for a password or key to keep working on the computer.

The screensaver was originally born as a prevention before any permanent engraving of the screen, because, in the first monitors a phenomenon occurred in which the prolonged expositions of an image made the electrons of the rays produced by the monitor to remain permanently stick to it, as some sort of burn; that happened because of the refreshing of the screen, which, sometimes, is not continuous in some zones of the monitor. Besides it was also used to run some tasks that would save time, such as running some antivirus software or some maintenance application.

Nowadays we can find screensavers almost anywhere in the internet, like, for example, in the page; in it you can find almost any screensaver because it counts with more than ten thousand different designs, which are organized in categories like, for example, animals, movies, nature, etc. There also a new category included called 3 – D animations, in it you can find hundreds of novelty screensavers with movement and virtual views in which you can see real landscapes of historical places like, for example, the Niagara Falls, or the citadel of Macchu Picchu. To visit this site you can go to the web in the following link: (

Another page that counts with hundreds of screensavers is Free Screensavers; this site is also divided in categories, which include sports, art, animals, cartoons, games, etc. Besides from this, it has support for other operative systems besides from Windows, like Mac OS and Linux. You can visit it through this link: (

Finally, if you are a lover of amazing natural landscapes, animations and 3 – D environments or high definition pictures of the universe, the web site Free Screensavers counts with hundreds of landscapes that will amaze you, it is distributed in categories, as well as the other ones and has a word search engine that will help you speeding up your search; to download each screensaver you must click in the download gap, to install it, you must first copy it into the System 32 file in Windows, after that, you must go to its settings in the control panel and in the option Appearance and Customization, click in the gap that says change the screensaver. There , you will see predefined screensavers and the new one that you have just installed; then, you select it and you are done, it will be activated once the period of time goes by or you can see it if you click in the preview sight. To visit this web site you can go to the following link: (

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