Last modified 10/05/2023

Correct methods of basic computer maintenance :

Today computers have become part of our lives. Actually in the business area the computers are essential for many of the activities which are required for different business processes. At home, it is very necessary to be informed and study activities. That is why your computer absolutely needs a regular maintenance to work like it was new.

There are many methods to perform maintenance to the computer. On the internet you can find many programs that contain large tools that help the user to schedule maintenance in an easy and simple way. In case you do not want to install any programs mentioned below, actually there are some guidelines that will help to properly perform maintenance to the computer.

When it no longer requires the use of any program, you really must perform the proper uninstalling process, either by the uninstaller sequence provided by the uninstaller program or by your operating system.

The RAM memory must be adequate for the different processes used when running tasks on your computer. If the hard disk drive is busy more than 90%, you really should replace it with one of more storage, this is because often with little hard disk space availability, they are prone to mistakes and errors in the basic processes that runs the entire system.

The use of defragmenter computer disks is essential because this implementation will help to effectively organize data that have been damaged after a system failure. Defragmentation is highly recommended about two or three times a month if the computer is used daily.

Analyze weekly the computer with an antivirus is very beneficial to keep the system away from a computer virus, actually this will also help to keep the system stable and running processes.

The antivirus is very good for keeping the computer; some even include tools for keeping your hard disk drive, but do not install more than one antivirus on your system, actually because this can cause poor stability and confusion. In addition to having antivirus installed only recommended to have a good firewall to prevent hackers from infiltrating the system.

When installing new peripherals in the system, you actually must use the appropriate and compatible drivers with the right operating system. Also the drivers must be installed and updated regularly to remove any system problem or errors, because it is very common to find errors in the driver incompatibility or lack of updates very often.

The elimination of useless files and programs are actually a good way to keep all of your equipment in good condition. It actually should be emptied frequently just like the temporary file folder system and browser; you must also clean the recycle bin. To perform this task you also can use the Disk Cleanup, which is an application that comes by default in the OS, this application allows us to delete all the useless files in the system.

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