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Top End Year Holidays greetings

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Christmas and New Year are the two celebrations that all we wait for with a lot of excitement all year. As the last month of the year starts, we get very special feelings. We start to think about everything we have been through and everything we look forward to do and is about to come.

Christmas Eve’s celebration makes us remember the Lord’s goodness and makes us happy to see the joy that the little ones demonstrate at home.

On the other hand, upon the arrival of a new year we set ourselves new goals. In the last day of December we remember all that happened to us on the last year and we want everything to go better on the coming year.

On these two parties, good wishes are present dedicated and received by all people. Through social networks people share special messages and beautiful greetings.

For these special holidays, we will offer you below a list of messages to greet your loved ones on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Send these phrases to your family and friends.Best merry Christmas wishes and messages.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

What do we say to wish
the good in the end
of year celebrations?

:: “I hope you have a beautiful Christmas, you are surrounded by all those you love the most and can enjoy unforgettable moments with them”.

:: “Another year is ending and we will welcome a new year that will be filled with much joy and success. Dear family and friends I wish you all the best for this 20xx”.

:: “Much happiness to all of my loved ones for this Christmas. May the birth of baby Jesus make our hearts be filled with love and kindness toward others”.

:: “This year is ending, but our hopes and dreams will not leave. I thank all my friends for being by always my side and I wish you much success for the next 365 days”.

:: “Receive my warm greetings on this special night. Remember that the most beautiful thing we can give is our love to the people around us. Merry Christmas dear friend!”.Find original Merry Christmas status for WhatsApp.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

Christmas love messages
for lovers

:: “My life, the Christmas spirit unites us and it’s an unbreakable connection. Together we make memories that we will treasure for every Christmas to come. I love you so much!”.

:: “Merry Christmas, my love! May this Christmas find us embracing, sharing laughter, and swearing eternal love to each other”.

:: “Your eyes shine like heavenly stars, and this Christmas, my wish is to lose ourselves in its warm light, like the first time”.

:: “In each of the ornaments that decorates the tree, I find the beauty of our love, full of unique details and an incomparable charm. I value you very much, my dear. Merry Christmas!”.

:: “Love, just like the snowflakes that fall gently, this is how I fall captivated by the love I feel for you. May you feel immense joy this Christmas, you deserve it”.Merry Christmas wishes and short Christmas messages.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

Happy Holidays’ wishes
for friends

:: “May the Christmas lights illuminate your path and guide you towards a New Year full of success and happiness”.

:: “On this beautiful Christmas, my gift is a great dose of love and gratitude for having a friend like you. Happy holidays and all the best to you!”.

:: “May the joy of the Christmas season turn into lasting memories. Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!”.

:: “Here is to a Christmas filled with contagious laughter, heartfelt hugs, and moments that last forever!”.

:: “Dear friends, this Christmas, I send you all my love and best wishes for you and your family. May they be days full of happiness and all the joy for you!”.Find best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

Happy Holidays’ messages and wishes

:: “Christmas Eve makes me remind all the happy chapters of my childhood. I hope that within the child you once were is still alive also. May you have a beautiful Christmas!”.

:: “No night is as wonderful as the night of December 25th. Being reunited with my family and living with them wonderful experiences is the best thing that God has given me. Congratulations to all!”.

:: “I hope you have an excellent year in which you get to enjoy the most out of everything you do. Always remember that you can count on me, I love you little sister”.

:: “The most special thing about this time of the year is to see the kindness and goodness with which people are treated. It is my hope that these beautiful feelings are always with us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”.

:: “A year full of many challenges and joy is about to begin. Congratulations to all and may the Lord bless you and that all your dreams come true”.What should I write in my family Christmas card?.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

What to write in a Holiday card ?

:: “What I want most for tonight and for the rest of your days is that you can enjoy an incomparable joy, and that despite the difficulties you can always be optimistic. Happy 20 … for everyone!”.

:: “Tears and sorrows of this year that is ending will be left behind. Never forget that you have the friendship of the special people in which you can always put your trust in. I hope everything goes well and that the next 365 days can be filled with happiness and prosperity”.

:: “Christmas comes once more time to remind us of the great love God has for us. I wish you all the best and I hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family”.

:: “On this Christmas Eve I want to tell you that the most important thing that I have is you. I love you with all my heart and wish you all the best for this Christmas”.

:: “This year that is ending today will leave us many good memories and new friends to whom we will always be together. I wish you all a great 20… !”.Christmas family sayings and quotes.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

Happy New Year messages
for friends

:: “May happiness shine in your life like never before in this new year, and may prosperity accompany you in every step you take. Congratulations to my dear friend!”.

:: “May the love and friendship that unites us endure and be strengthened in this New Year, creating unforgettable moments together, friend”.

:: “Friend of my heart, I wish that health and well-being accompany you and your family throughout the coming year, and that joy is always present in your life”.

:: “Dear friend, may you find on each New Year’s Day new opportunities to grow, learn and achieve all your goals and dreams”.

:: “May every smile you share in the New Year be contagious and bring joy to those around you, filling their hearts with happiness”.Merry Christmas greeting cards for Facebook.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

Holiday messages to employees

:: “How lucky we are to have such exceptional collaborators like you. We wish you a merry Christmas”.

:: “Merry Christmas from the company, and we hope you celebrate with love and joy with your families”.

:: “Thank you for your tireless work and your desire to do things well. Enjoy Christmas from start to finish”.

:: “All our desires can be accomplishes if we have hope and if we ask God to help us. Dear family and friends, I wish you a nice Christmas and a great new year!”.

:: “Another Year is ending and without fear we must trust that the next 365 days will bring much joy and success into our lives. I always wish you all the best and may you stand firm despite the storms”.

With these beautiful Christmas and New Year messages you will be able to express your good wishes to all your loved ones.Get Merry Christmas quotes for WhatsApp & FB.#HapppyNewYearGreetingsForFriends,#HapppyNewYearWishesForFriends

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