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Download best love messages from the heart
Searching for best Whatsapp love messages ? .The feelings are unique in each person and if you have a partner by your side consider yourself lucky because not everyone has the opportunity to share a relationship for a long time.
Therefore, it is important that you show your feelings with details, communication and very romantic words, so that love never ends.
It is beautiful that you have a very real and deep feeling for that special person, so as you are in a stage of falling in love you will need to nurture that relationship. For that reason we want to help you by sharing beautiful love thoughts to dedicate to your partner.
In this article we propose sweet love messages that will surprise your soul mate, so if you have difficulties to express yourself, you can use any of these cute love thoughts. We are sure that your sweet half will love it.

Best text messages to make her fall in love with you

:: “I am lucky to be in love with someone like you who has taught me the real meaning of life and love. You are my soul mate”.
:: “Only with you I wish to share my life and built a beautiful family based on our love. You are my dream come true”.
:: “I know you so well that I am able to read your thoughts with just one look. Since we met, you’ve been the most important in my life. I love you”.
:: “ We have been together for so many years and beautiful, sad and hard moments have passed between us, but still nothing has been a reason to separate us. You are my life”.
:: “All the time we’ve been together you’ve always made me feel like I’m a Queen of your life. Well, now I want to make sure you know how much I love you darling”.

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:: “By my side I have a partner that I trust, we are both linked by feelings and values ​​that make us very united and happy”.
:: “I love you because you are gentle, intelligent, attractive, brave and I also really like when you always try your best to please my wishes”.
:: “We have been together for many years and I love that you are in my thoughts and that your breathing is close to mine”.
:: “We love each other, we can fight, but we can’t stand more than an hour being angry. I will always need you in my life”.
:: “Since I fell in love with you I have started to live in a different way and knowing that you exist always made me feel happy”.

Romantic phrases you should say to your love Sweet & romantic messages for girlfriend for WhatsApp

:: “You are everything I want in my life, I don’t want us to be separated never, I love you with all my heart”.
:: “The passion we share for each other is the bond that keeps us so united. You are my sweetheart, I love you”.
:: “Since I met you I knew that life will maintain us together, even though people always said that we were totally different I feel that our differences are the secret to be happy”.
:: “I love you because I fell in love with you in the darkest moment of my life and you took my hand to lead me to the light”.
:: “Only your love is capable of transforming my tears into smiles, you have become my man, friend, accomplice and my companion in adventures”.

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:: “I only know that I love you and I do not know how, when, where this feeling was born, I can only say that I carry it within the deepest part of my soul”.
:: “I love you and I’m so happy knowing that you only have eyes for me, that I am the person who you will look after forever, thank you”.
:: “I am happy to love you so much and I know that God, life and the destiny conspired to make this love come true”.
:: “I know that my feelings are real because the only thing that gives me happiness is knowing that I am the owner of your heart”.
:: “I miss you and I would love to carry you in my arms and give you kiss, we are separate now but soon my dreams will come true”.

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:: “When everything seems to be silent, I like to whisper your name, I close my eyes and imagine you coming towards me”.
:: “You and me share a beautiful love story and that it is not a coincidence because since we were born we were destined to be the one for the other. I love you honey”.
:: “Thank you for accepting me with my defects and virtues”.
:: “I pray to God enlighten our love and hold us together forever. I need you”.
:: “It is inevitable to miss you when you are not there. I love you my Queen”.

Cute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp Sweet and touching I love you Whatsapp text messages

:: “You are the most beautiful thing that I have lived and will live. I love you a lot”.
:: “I would fill you with kisses, hugs, caresses and I will pamper you so that you would never have doubts about my love for you”.
:: “You are the love of my life, your love is sweet and passionate from which my heart and my lips never want to escape”.
:: “I love you and I will never get tired of telling it to the whole world so that everyone would know that true love exists”.
:: “I do not feel ashamed that in such a short time my heart already feels love for you”.

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:: “I thank you because you have entered my life as a ray of sun after the storm, you have given warmth to my heart and you have called me LOVE”.
:: “Inside my heart there is a fire that burns when we are together and you give me your passionate kisses”.
:: “Since we are in love the world stopped being round for me. Now it has the shape of your heart”.
:: “You are mine and I am yours, the rest are just the spectators of a wonderful love”.
:: “I love you, I appreciate you, I miss you and I want you with me forever!”.

Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger Pretty love phrases download to share by Twitter

:: “I love you, that’s my biggest truth”.
:: “You do not know the inexplicable emotion that I feel every time you show me your wonderful love”.
:: “You are the man of my dreams and I wish to have you with me for all the eternity”.
:: “I promise to make an effort so that our relationship would be eternal”.
:: “You are a fantastic person and I am proud to be your girlfriend”.

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:: “With you by my side, I have nothing to fear, because in your arms I do not feel the cold, nor the pain, nor the anger nor the sadness with which, sometimes, we are hit by life”.
:: “I love you, you are the love of my life, and I hope you would never doubt it”.
:: “With you I wish to live my most desired dreams, because I love you and I intend to do it forever and without conditions.”..
:: “It is an immense pleasure to live every day of my life by your side”.
:: “Whatever happens, I promise you will not stop being the love of my life”.

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:: “Our hearts speak for themselves of the love we share”.
:: “Only you fill my soul with happiness and you manage to make my life so happy by your side”.
:: “You are the force that motivates me to move forward”.
:: “You are a sweet melody that makes my heart beat harder for you”.
:: “It is unfair to ignore that I love you if you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life”.
We hope that these nice love words would help you to connect with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Come back soon and we will appreciate if you share the best love texts with your friends through your social networks.

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