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Short friendship
messages & cardsBeautiful messages of friendship to share by instagram

Life gives us many moments to enjoy with our friends, so we must be grateful and share beautiful friendship thoughts with them.
The company, support and joy that others give us is a great blessing sent from heaven itself, so why don’t dedicate cute messages to thank our friends?
Bring a little joy to your friends, express your gratitude and share a message of optimism by posting nice friendship thoughts on your social networks.

Best emotional friendship messages and quotes to share by Messenger

:: “Friendship is a very strong feeling that lives in our hearts and that will always encourage us to lend a helping hand to those who need it”.
:: “Many things change every day in the world, even in our hearts, what should never change is the importance we give to our friends”.
:: “It is easier to find happiness in the company of our friends with whom our fears and fears disappear and we can be ourselves”.
:: “Any sacrifice we make in the name of friendship will bring us a great reward that will be translated into happiness in our lives”.
:: “We are all likely to make mistakes with our friends, but they will always be willing to forgive us and give us a chance to make things better”.Best friend text messages & friendship messages for him and her

Best thoughts on friendship images

:: “A moment of sadness or happiness is perfect to share with our friends, they will always know how to make us feel good”.
:: “Before seeking advice from strangers, listen to your friends because they know you very well and want the best for you”.
:: “Friendship is one of the most valuable treasures that we can find in this world and that we can enjoy in abundance without ever ending”.
:: “Any moment you dedicate to your friends will be a huge gain for you, you will receive happiness, gratitude and great moments to remember your whole life with joy”.
:: “Our friends are not only able to dedicate words of encouragement to us in times of difficulty, they will also do everything necessary to help us”.

Find Instagram captions for friends

:: “There is nowhere in our heart where we can hide our problems from true friends, they will always know that something is wrong and give us their support”.
:: “When friendship unites two people it doesn’t matter if time and distance get in the way, they will always remain good friends”.
:: “There is no obstacle large enough that we cannot overcome with the collaboration of our friends. Together we can do everything!”.
:: “If you are about to give up and if you think you no longer have the strength to continue then your friends will come to your aid to help you stand up and win”.
:: “Every time we make a new friend is a time to celebrate, great moments are about to reach our lives”.
:: “In the heart we should always keep gratitude towards our friends because they have always done good things for us”.Friendship messages: what to write in a friendship card

Get short sayings about friendship

:: “If you reach out to a friend to help him stand up and move on, he will remember that noble gesture all his life and thank you”.
:: “The passing of the years teaches us to be wiser and to discover that in friendship we can find endless moments of happiness”.
:: “To be truly free we must enjoy life with our friends without any worry in our hearts”.
:: “Throughout our lives we will end up with a broken heart on more than one occasion, but we will seldom witness a lost friendship”.
:: “Even if your heart is broken, your friends will always have the ability to make you smile and help you continue on your path”.

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:: “Our friends have not promised to accompany us in good and bad times, they are simply great people who give you an unconditional friendship”.
:: “A friend willing to listen to you and advise you at all times and places is the best life insurance you can find”.
:: “Never disregard the advice of your friends, it’s not about who is right, they just want the best for you”.
:: “Every hour of your life you have dedicated to your friends will leave you with good memories, anecdotes full of happiness that will accompany you forever”.
With these original texts to share with friends you can thank and express your feelings to all those great people who are always with you unconditionally. Any time is perfect to dedicate beautiful friendship phrases.Beautiful friendship text messages to send by messenger

Nice messages for a friend you miss

Each time a friend has to go far away we are filled with a deep sadness but this is normal because we know that we won’t see someone who has been with us always, who has understand us and have always being worry for our welfare.
If you have a friend who is going away and you will miss him so much, do not miss the opportunity to give him or her best wishes and also keep in touch via social networks such as facebook or twitter. Send him a message full of your feelings and express how much do you love and miss him.
Here we bring you a list of the best quotes for your friend who you miss the most, you will see that when she receives them she will feel happiness and will come to her mind those special moments that lived next to you.Download true friends WhatsApp messages & images

Download friendship picture & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “I have been missing you all the time because you have been my friend and my good loyal confidant for so long, I love you and I expect you to come back quickly”.
:: “Your advice helped me to calm down in the most distressing moments and your support was the key to overcoming all the problems I had, I miss you, mate”.
:: “Every time I think of you I’m so sad because you are the person who I appreciate the most and I totally missing you, dear friend”.
:: “Only you stood by my side when I needed it the most while others refused me their support, I’d like you to be here again”.
:: “Getting out for a walk together was fun because I entertained beside you, faithful companion , you cannot imagine how much I miss you, I want you to return again, I will wait for you with a big surprise”.Latest friendship whatsapp sweet messages & images

Find thoughts of friendship to share by instagram

:: “That time that we spent all day was near the most memorable day we have lived, I would love you to be here again to entertain us again, I miss you mate”.
:: “You left away so many time ago and your going made me so sad. Now I remembered the moments together and gave me a lot of nostalgia. How am I not going to miss you if you’re a faithful companion”.
:: “Your absence hurts me and I miss you. You were and will remain my best mate because with you I could find a true friendship”.
:: “From you I have learned so much, dear friend. You showed me that all dreams can come true, since you left things have not been the same, I need to talk to you personally and tell you some things that have happened to me”.
:: “The days pass by and make I miss you more every day. Every morning when I wake up I see the calendar and count the days until you can come back and stay here again”.

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:: “Shopping in malls, attend dances, enjoy and chat boards are the activities that I miss the most to share with you. I assure you that when you get back things are going to be fantastic”.
:: “Life was more pleasant when you were here and we had fun. I really need you and want you back for live special moments”.
:: “You are my favorite companion and, even though you are absent, I have you in my thoughts in all the time. I miss you”.
:: “There are many reasons why I miss you, but the most important of all is that you are the person with whom I can always count on, dear friend”.
We hope you enjoyed these phrases to dedicate to someone you would want to have close to you right now.Sweet friendship text messages for best friend forever

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