Beautiful Letters For A Sick Person

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The times of illness are difficult to carry and is for that reason that when one of our friends or relatives stays in convalescence for any illness or medical procedure done, you should give them the support they need to recover.

Whether this person is at home or in a health center, the best we can do is to give them a visit but, it is not always possible to do it since visiting hours do not always agree with our availability.

That is when we can reach him a note in which we express our wishes for his fast recovery. In this section we show two models of notes for a convalescent person can use to give encouragement to the person who needs it so much.

Example 1 of a letter for a sick person:

From: Maria
To: Maurice

Dear friend:

I just found out the difficult situation you are going through and it is for this reason that I write this note. You are a valuable person and you have always been with me throughout my life and for that I am worried about your state of health. I know you just got out of a complicated operation but thank God everything went very well.

Remember to be obedient to doctor’s advice and not getting enough effort. Be patient and you will see that you will recover and soon be at home with your family. Sorry for not being able to come to visit. My job schedule avoids me to see you personally, but as soon as you are in your house I will give you a visit.

Do not forget that all the people who love you are with you at this time and we wish the best for you. I always pray for your fast recovery. Take care and see you soon friend.

Example 2 of a letter for a sick person:

From: Jhon
To: Claudia

My dear friend Claudia:

I write this note to send my best wishes for your welfare. I have known you for many years and I know you do not you give up the face of adversity and that you have overcome. You have had a tough battle against a disease and now it is time to lie down to recover and you can be ready with us.

Do not forget that you should always listen to your doctor and follow all the recommendations he gives you. Do not neglect your diet and get enough rest, leaving aside all the cares of life and you will be recovered very soon. So back to smile, my friend, we are all with you and pray for your fast recovery.

You will see that the time will pass quickly and soon return to your normal life. All your friends send you many greetings and await for your speedy recovery.

We hope you can express your best wishes to that person who is fighting for his health, through these models notes for a person who is in convalescence.

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