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Looking for sweet Valentine’s Day messages ? , romantic Valentine’s Day text for WhatsApp ? .On Valentine’s Day we celebrate the love we share with our partner, we remember the road we have traveled together and the road ahead of us, celebrating our successes and the most beautiful feeling in the world.

In the following list you will find some of the most beautiful messages for Valentine’s Day to share with the person you love the most.Find best sweet & romantic Valentine's text messages with images for girlfriend

Download cute Valentine’s Day phrases

:: “The time we have spent together has taught me that love is beautiful and that the only thing I can ask from this life, I already have: you. I love you”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! How lucky I am to be with someone with a heart as big and beautiful as yours. I adore you”.

:: “I love you and I know, without a doubt, that I will do so forever, my darling. Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day; I cannot wait to see you later! Xoxo!”.

:: “I hope you like everything I have planned for us to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together. You are everything to me, I love you”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the Queen of my life! I love you and I know that every day this feeling will only grow bigger”.Download best happy Valentine's love messages with pictures for girlfriend

Valentine’s card phrases for Her

:: “Dreaming is my favorite activity since I we started dating, because every time I close my eyes your image appears and it makes me happy. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “I promise to dedicate my days to being the man you deserve, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you very much, always remember that. Xoxo!”.

:: “This is the first time we celebrate Valentine’s Day together and I want you to know how excited I am. I love you and I cannot wait to see you later!”.

:: “Happy Love Day to the Queen of my days! Today I want to fulfill one of your biggest dreams, my love, so get ready for later. I love you a lot”.

:: “Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day and I swear that for me it is a dream come true; I never thought that someone like you could notice me. I adore you! Xoxo!”.Download sweet I miss you quotes for WhatsApp

Valentine messages :
What to write in a Valentine’s Day card ?

:: “Every day by your side is a miracle and the happiness I feel when I am with you is incomparable. Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling”.

:: “I look at you and smile, because I cannot help but feeling warm and fuzzy when I see you. You are everything I ever dreamed of and more. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “Thank you for all your love, your commitment and your joy; your desire to conquer the world motivates me to be better every day. I love you, happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, dear! Every day I wake up thinking about you and go to sleep with the same thought. You are everything to me, do not forget that!”.

:: “Darling, do you remember when we met? It is incredible to think of everything we have been through together since that day. I love you, happy Valentine’s Day”.Valentine's card phrases for Her

You’re my forever love
Valentine messages

:: “I would love to have a nice voice to sing all the love songs to you, because you deserve to be serenaded every day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby! I count the minutes to come back home to take you out and celebrate like we deserve. I love you very much”.

:: “Since I have been with you, I have realized that you are what I have always wanted. Thank you for your love, it is a real privilege to have you. I love you”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! Go to the front door and come outside, I have a little surprise waiting for you! I love you!”.Most romantic Valentine's quotes & cute ways to say 'I Love You'

Love you with all of my heart
Valentine messages

:: “I never wanted to believe in love at first sight but when I met you, I didn’t doubt it was true, because I happen to be with you and now you are my happiness and the great love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “This February 14th I will be very happy because after so many months we will spend this day together, our special day for being our anniversary and the day of love, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “I am so in love with you that if you asked me for the moon I would bring it to you, ask me for everything you want unless I stop loving you, let us join our hands and go on an endless path, I adore you”.

:: “Today is Valentine’s Day, and you are my love and no one else. You are the only one who conquered my heart”.

I love you so much
Valentine messages

:: “I would like you to give me an opportunity to show you all the love I can give you, do not miss the opportunity to feel and live a crazy love by my side. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “When you arrived you changed everything, my world was black and you gave it color, now you are the person that fills me with life, illuminates my path and makes me the happiest man on earth, Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “I do not know what you did to me but this love that I feel for you is stronger and stronger, stay always by my side and today I want you to be very happy in Valentine’s Day, I love you my life”.

:: “Since the day I met you I was mesmerized and the world was perfect for me, I wish with all my heart that our relationship will last for many years, Happy Valentine’s Day my darling”.

:: “I am very happy to feel this true love, and in this day of love I want you to know that I will always take care of it and that it grows more with the passing of days, I love you very much my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

Romantic and Inspirational
Valentine’s Day messages

:: “I was the luckiest man when you crossed my path, that wavy hair, those brown eyes and those natural pink lips did not hesitate to fall in love, I love you”.

:: “24 hours a day is not enough to tell you everything I feel for you, if my heart spoke you could not believe all I would have to tell you, never forget that I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “You are in my life and I am very happy for it. Thank you for making me so happy. Your love gives a meaning to my life, it lights my path”.

Download free Valentine’s Day phrases:

:: “I always thought love was not meant for me until you showed up and I felt my world changed. I love you”.

:: “Even if it is a cloudy day, even if rain pours down, even if there are thunder and lightning, if I am with you it is a beautiful day”.

:: “I would give up anything for your love; I would climb the highest mountain for your love; I would skydive yelling I love you for your love. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “You and I are not in a relationship; you and I are just friends. I like your company so I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, my friend”.Deep Valentine's love quotes to express how you really feel

Short Valentine’s Day messages for Him

:: “I have done very difficult things, but falling in love with you was so easy I still wonder how it happened. I am so fortunate to be loved by you”.

:: “When you first walked past my window I thought an angel had fallen from the sky to walk around this world. You were that angel. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love”.

:: “I do not care what people say. If we truly love each other, nothing else matters. I need you to be happy. Thank you for being in my life”.

Valentine’s Day sayings for Her

:: “We are meant to be happy together until the end. Our love proves that two such different people can love each other without fears. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “Your love makes my soul peaceful; it gives me hope when something bad happens to me and it calms me when I am restless. You are everything to me”.

What did you think of these nice messages for Love Day? . When your partner receives them, their day will light up and they will not be able to help but smile, because it is always nice to be reminded how much they love us and that everything we do is appreciated.

Do not delay in choosing your favorite and give it your personal touch so that he/she feels even more the love you feel for him/her. See you soon!Sweet and touching Valentine's I love you text messages for girlfriend

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