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What to write in an anniversary card to girlfriend,Searching for happy anniversary greetings for girlfriend ? The long-awaited day has arrived! Today you celebrate your anniversary and it’s time to tell that special person everything he or she represents for you.
To make it easier for you, here are some nice love messages you can use for free to get to your partner’s heart. Encourage yourself to use them and tell us how it goes.

Heartfelt happy anniversary messages with images

:: “How fortunate it is for me to wake up every day next to the woman I love. Happy anniversary, my love!”.
:: “Knowing you was the most beautiful gift life could ever give me. I toast to many more years together”.
:: “On this very special day, I promise you three things: to love you forever, to respect you and a ton of kisses. I love you!”.
:: “Give me your hand and let’s move forward together in this beautiful adventure that began when we first met. Happy anniversary, my princess”.
:: “Being happy is easy when I’m with you. You’ve taught me to live life with courage; I can never thank you enough. Looking forward for many more years at your side!”.Find best wedding anniversary wishes for messenger

Sweet and cute things to say to your girlfriend for anniversary

:: “You and me: the perfect formula, the ideal combination and my golden dream. Thank you for these years together, I love you very much”.
:: “I imagine you already know it, but I wanted to take advantage of this special occasion to remind you that I’ll love you forever and that you are everything to me. Happy anniversary, my love”.
:: “I would say “yes” two million times, because since we’re together, life is much better. I love you infinitely”.
:: “Happy anniversary, my love! I wish with all my heart that your dreams come true”.
:: “Only you have the power to make me feel that I can fly. You make my dreams come closer and closer to being real, because your love is unique. Happy anniversary”.Best happy anniversary messages and wishes

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’ anniversary

:: “The love we have is incredible and I know that every day that goes by, it becomes bigger and stronger. Love you forever!”.
:: “With a glance, I was already yours. With a word, I gave you my heart. When you said “yes”, it changed my life. I love you and I will do it forever; happy anniversary”.
:: “I learned from you that it is worth fighting for all that is worth having. You are the light that guides my path, I love you”.
:: “I used to believe that love was just another word, but since you came into my life, you gave it the meaning it deserves and made me discover a world I didn’t know. Thank you, my love”.
:: “You stole my heart and I gave it to you without any hesitation, because since we met I knew that you were not like the others, that you were special and that my new mission in life was to conquer your heart”.Happy anniversary quotes to celebrate love

Download best anniversary wishes for couples

:: “People ask us what is the secret of our relationship and I think the answer is simple: deep affection, accompanied by respect and the desire to make each day the best of our lives”.
:: “Happy five years, my love. It feels great to move forward with you, to grow together and sow the seeds of the future that we will share. I love you”.
:: “There is no turning back. My heart is yours and it will be forever, because it’s not every day that you find a connection as special as the one we have. Happy anniversary, I love you”.
:: “I’ve heard that love has no cure and I want you to know that this does not concern me, because I never want to be healed if to love means to be by your side until eternity. I adore you”.
:: “I could spend the whole day enumerating the reasons why I love you, but I prefer to show it to you with gestures. I’ll be there to pick you up at 8 p.m., happy anniversary!”.Cute anniversary pictures to download

Romantic anniversary phrases that melt hearts

:: “You taught me that love doesn’t have to be perfect to be great. Happy anniversary”.
:: “I cannot believe that today we celebrate one month of relationship. I hope our love never ends because with you I feel complete. I love you!
:: “Today is the second month of being together and the only thing I can say is that these days have been the most wonderful days of my life”. Happy Anniversary!
:: “I feel like everything we have lived for the past three months has been a dream and every day I feel that I love you more. I do not know what will happen later, but now I am happy to have you by my side. I love you very much”.
:: “During this four month together I have seen how wonderful you are and with you my days are much happier. I wish to say my love belongs only to you. May there be many months. I love you, dear!”.
:: “Today we celebrate the fifth month of relationship and we have spent many pleasant and unpleasant things, however, we have stayed together all this time because what we feel is too strong. Congratulations!”.Download messages of happy anniversary my love

Deep anniversary love quotes for WhatsApp

:: “No matter how difficult it has been, we celebrate half a year together today.The time has passed very quickly since we were first introduced. You are my girlfriend and my reason for doing things right. I love you, my princess!”.
:: “Today I woke up very happy because we are celebrating our seventh anniversary. I am very fortunate to be the girlfriend of the man who shows with facts his love towards me. I love you so much!”.
:: “We are celebrating our tenth month of relationship and I know, without a doubt, that you are definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me feel what love really is. From you, I have learned what true love from a partner is. I love you, my love!”.
:: “These 11 months with you have been wonderful. I hope there will be more. With you my days are great. We really are made for each other because your heart and mine beat together. Our relationship is true, congratulations!”.
:: “Today we celebrate a year as a couple and now this feeling has grown and we are more in love than before.We will be together forever. Congratulations on this day!”.

Your loved one will be happy to receive from you some messages filled with tenderness and love to celebrate their anniversary and make them happy.Anniversary sentences and images for instagragram

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